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What Do You See in the Mirror?

Take a look in the mirror and start working on those changes you want. Look and feel your best. Having confidence in oneself is so important.

10 Secrets to Self Motivation

I am in a privileged position in being self employed since I’m able to deal with customers and clients who I want to deal with. Now I’m not so arrogant to turn business away but when I encounter an unreasonable or rude or just plain disagreeable person…I can walk away. To be able to do this is so self fulfilling.

Motivation – Using the Fuel of Frustration to Reach Your Goals!

How often have you felt frustrated when something seemed to prevent you from reaching your goals? How many times have you tried to calm yourself but then felt yourself frustrated? What if you could harness the power of your frustration to fuel your success? What if, instead of trying to stomp on your gut reactions you redirected them towards your greater success. Find out how you can use your own nature to reach greater goals!

Motivational Speaker – Boxing Legend George Foreman

When George Foreman was a boy his sister taunted him, “You’ll never be anything.” He skipped classes and slept during the day. But that taunt hurt him. It angered him. It awakened the fighting spirit within him. He wanted to change but he didn’t know how. George Foreman became heavy weight boxing champion of the world. Today he is a preacher, entrepreneur and the spokesperson for the George Foreman Grill with over 1 million units sold. And yes a motivational speaker.

Integrating the Attitude of Gratitude Into Your Life

As we have just passed the great American holiday of Entrepreneurial spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s speak about the thanks we need to pay to all of the entrepreneurs of our era who have paved the way for us to live in such a wonderful world. And how you can integrate the “Attitude of Gratitude” into your daily life.

The Two Most Important Days of Your Life

A great friend of mine once said “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day that you Find Your WHY”. Right now you need to look inside and ask yourself a real serious question, “Have I found my WHY?”

Power Surge Or Power Drain? You Are Your Own Power Source!

Instead of burying your head in the sand just waiting for time to pass and playing the “victim” role, “Power Up!’ Take control…Let the dust settle, think about what’s happened, the role you played in it, what can be done differently, pick up the pieces, pray for guidance and get to work! I give myself a “Power Surge!” What about you? Are you a “Power Surge” or a “Power Drain?”

Intrinsic Motivation – Key to Self-Motivation For Success in the New Year

We are drawing close to the end of another year. Its been 12 months of expectations. Dreams fulfilled or frustrated. It is that time for making New Year resolutions or setting new goals. Another chance at a fresh start. A new beginning. Another opportunity to dream again. This year, I want to challenge you to take your New Year resolutions beyond mere dreaming or wishing. This year, I challenge you to set your New Year resolutions as specific goals. Identify and understand why you want the things on your list. And then, draw up a specific goal plan you will follow to achieve them. Believe in yourself that this time, you can.

Motivation Tricks – Beating the Christmas and New Year Blues

When Christmas and New Years arrive, we get overwhelmed and get the blues. Here are some ideas to keep you motivated and end the year with a bang!

The Habit of Champions – Taking the Fork in the Road

There is something that separates the champions of life from the also-rans. Champions never give up. They don’t know when to quit and they simply bounce back time and again. These people don’t always achieve the fame and fortune they set out for–‘luck’ or fortune is an important determinant–but they do place themselves in the position of most-likely-favoured.

Are You a Doer Or a Talker?

Time and time again I hear people say they want to make more money or they want a better life. Yet few do anything about it.

Do You Limit Your Own Results?

Perfect illustration by Andy Andrews on how we can push our own limits. How often could we have accomplished more if we had simply pushed harder?

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