This Is How Powerful Your Thoughts Are | Motivational Speeches Compilation

Release Negativity In Order To Bring Healing To Our Life

We are not going to like everything that others do, however, other people’s business is their business. We need to stay in our lane on our highway driving our own car. If someone’s lifestyle is not to your liking then walk away from them. No one should try to force you to drag your thinking, living and being down to a level that you do not want to live your life from. Each and every one of us has the right to take our lives in a direction that is healthy and best for us.

Learning From Failure? Or Failing to Learn? When Did We Forget the Value of New Experiences?

“Never regret. If it is good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.

Single Moms Follow Your Dreams

As a single mom what’s your dream? If you could do anything, what would it be? As a single mom, you may forget you have dreams, but you do. You may not know how to get there or what questions to ask, but you can pursue your dream. Your answer may be just around the corner. Don’t give up. Never give in. Keep doing, being, and making. Before you know it, you’re dream will become your reality. Don’t know how to begin? Start by reading this article… and then watch how dreams come true.

How You Appear and Who You Really Are

Without proper encouragement, some of us reach adulthood branded with the stigma of difference. We might view ourselves as flawed and as a result inadequate. We can be tempted to give up on ourselves before we even get started. Supportive families and friends as well as professional counseling can help us realign our self perception.

Have You Had Ra-Ra Motivation?

I am sure you have experienced it, for I certainly have. You are a leader of a successful organisation and you have booked a motivational speaker to address your staff. Or, you are a member of staff and you have heard your manager, or your boss, say: ‘You really must hear this guy – he’s great – he’s inspirational’. And of course he normally is… a guy; there are women doing it, but the big names all seem to be blokes, and the field is saturated with guys who are motivational speakers. And what happens? Well, you sit down, but usually not for too long, and you may be positive, in neutral, or even hostile when he starts, but then he does start and you notice his high energy; also, he makes three or four insightful remarks that you hadn’t considered before that seem relevant to your work experience or your situation; plus, he’s really got that great sense of humour – not so much jokey, more that sly take on reality that is really funny. Boy, does he play that?

You Are Not Making Excuses, Your Pain Is Real and Tough Love Is Not Love

There are so many people who are struggling handle their life on their own, denying their pain instead of giving voice to what they went through because they don’t want to hear the jeers from Society, from their friends and from others. They feel ashamed, they don’t want to appear weak, as if they are not taking responsibility for their life or that they are being babies. So the shut down and continue living their life with all that pain inside of them. They may seem to have a great life on the outside and they don’t have to be abusing their wife, husband or children. They are trying to be the best person. That doesn’t mean that nothing is bothering them. They just hide it very well.

Should I Try Self-Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been described as an innate ability possessed by all human beings. All human beings have the ability to go into a trance, so all humans have the potential to be hypnotized. Hypnosis has been practiced by the human race for many years.

Detour Ahead

You’re headed to an important meeting and running a bit late and up ahead you see a sign that says – DETOUR AHEAD. You’re first thought is Oh crap; I am going to be late. Ever been in that situation? We all have at one time or another – maybe not a meeting, but something important that we need to be on time for. What are the options?

How The Seven Deadly Sins Motivate To Lose Weight

The seven deadly sins don’t have to work against you, they can work for you! Each one of us has committed at least one of these sins if not all, in our lifetime. So, turn these behaviors to your advantage for motivation rather than guilt! Put them to work for you to get yourself moving forward toward change for the better!

African-Americans – The Future Is Ours

This is a shout out to African-Americans or should I say my black sisters and brothers. This is a new day and time to reclaim your identity and reach for the stars.

Distinguish Yourself!

“A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the notion that complex ideas can be conveyed with just a single still image. However, the notion doesn’t make reference to the conveyance being positive or negative, only complex. Complex because an image is able to convey what might otherwise require several pages of text. Having an effective around-the-clock virtual representation of yourself is critical in today’s online environment.

5 Steps to Conquering Fear – Lessons From My Dog

There is a hyper-delicate balance between rational and irrational fear. This is easily explained by example: there is the well-founded fear of standing-in-the-middle-of-a-field-with-an-umbrella-in-a-thunderstorm fear. On the flip side there is the fear that the cockroach skittering on the floor will somehow approach and harm you. I suffer from both. I am the biggest wuss in my house. Ask my kids. They will be happy to back this up.

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