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Are You Afraid to Live Your Purpose in Life?

I would say that many people are. They fear that it might be too dangerous or that they will be criticized if they do. Living your purpose can be all of those and more, but well worth it too!

Learn How to Motivate Yourself

The problem most of us encounter is that it is difficult to get that initial impulse to perform the action we know we should be doing in order to succeed. In just a moment, you will find out how you can use a proven technique to harness all the necessary energy to make you do anything you want and learn how to motivate yourself.

How to Cure Procrastination – 3 Powerful Ways to Stop Procrastination and Take Action

Knowing how to cure procrastination might not seem like such a big priority, but procrastinating does have the potential to make life more difficult for you. You may not see it that way now as you settle yourself comfortably on the couch instead of working on your paper; but come next week, you’ll definitely start feeling the effects.

Change That Channel – Find Your Whys, Pursue Your Ways and Win Your Goals

Are you too busy? Stressed out? Doing the urgent instead of the important? Have you forgotten WHY you do what you do? Do not let the ‘commercials’ in your life distract you from the main program–your life goals.

How to Overcome Barriers to a Brighter Future

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that many of the obstacles we face are self-created. The good news is that this means you can remove them when you know how.

Going to the Post Office to Mail a Change of Attitude

I had to go to the post office, so I decided to shut down the computer, get out of the house and walk there. The first part of the walk is always full of breathtaking views of distant San Francisco, Marin Headlands, and the Golden Gate bridge. This day however, the views were breathtaking in an entirely different way. The sky was an ugly dark gray, stretching almost one hundred and eighty degrees in front of me. I almost stopped walking, thinking about returning home to get my car. I did not want to get wet and I became convinced I would.

Take a Launch Break

So often we just cruise right into the next thing on our “to do” list without even taking a breath to re-group and re-focus. By taking a break you can build your energy back up and get back into that relaxed state where your creativity flows best (we chatted a lot about this on the call).

Changing Your Life For the Better – Simple Tips on How To

Life is a constant change. We need to change in order to be successful. We need to grow and evolve into a different level in order to effect change, thus success will be at hand.

Changing Life – For a Better Tomorrow

If you have that feeling of being not content, and thinking that there is something lacking in your life, then it is best that you should change your life for a better tomorrow. If you are decided to do so, try to follow these simple ideas on how to change your life.

Get More When You Live With Less

Many of us are probably guilty of these. We keep the clothes that we no longer wear, bags that we no longer carry, shoes that we have long forgotten, toys that our children have outgrown, books and magazines that we no longer read, electronic gadgets that we no longer fancy, freebies that we do not need. Imagine the space we could free up if we would just move them to where they belong.

Show Up For Your Future

Show up! The first requirement in order to make progress in life, is to show up. In order to go up the corporate ladder, the earnings ladder or the personal development ladder, you have to show up. You may not be the best athlete on the field or the best trumpet player in the band, but unless you show up and perform to the very best of your ability, you will never move up in the lineup.

Five Easy Tips For Reviving Motivation

Most people view the beginning of the year as a time to think about positive changes. Even if you didn’t make a long list of New Year’s resolutions, you probably thought about instigating self-improvement measures in some area of your life. Those plans might focus on fitness and exercise, finding emotional serenity or deepening your spiritual connection.

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