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15 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Often lacking motivation can be the obstacle in the way of our success. This article gives tips on different ways to help motivate ourselves to achieve a better lifestyle both on a financial and personal level.

Lifestyle – 8 Keys to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Gyms and aerobics classes are packed with enthusiastic and energetic seeming health fanatics at the beginning of every year as people implement their fitness goals for the year. Some of these people will lose steam as the reality of their normal routine sets in. Some will over – commit to an exercise regime they cannot sustain and yet others will simply decide that it is too much trouble. I have experienced it before particularly with jogging every morning to stay fit. I do not enjoy jogging so my enthusiasm will not last in that arena if I try. I would like to share eight lifestyle habits that will take care of you body, mind and soul in balanced fashion.

What Is Success? – Why Success Isn’t the Same For Everyone

We regard people as successful or failures because of the weight we place on certain things such as the ability to get results, make money, and make a positive change or impression on others. These and other definitions or explanations for success stem from a number of factors which include social, professional or even spiritual background. These backgrounds affect our predisposition to a point where they have a capacity to limit or propel us. My take on what success is may be different to yours. I explore some of the issues as to why success cannot be the same for everyone.

7 Tips on How to Get Motivated

Have you ever had a goal that you wanted to achieve but could not reach it? I know I have. The thing about reaching goals is that it usually requires a lot of work. As we all know, anything that requires hard work requires motivation to do the work. So what would it take to motivate you to start achieving your goals?

Live Your Life Without Regrets – Is It Possible?

This article explores how to live your life without regrets. As the song says. “Regrets, I’ve had a few.” Perhaps the biggest mistake of all is to not learn the lessons from our mistakes.

Look at Where You’re Going – Don’t Look at What You’re Carrying!

I was watching Martha Stewart the other day and she said something that made me sit up and take notice. While carrying a big bowl of liquid to the oven, she was telling us how to get from the counter to the oven without spilling anything in her bowl. She said, “Look at where you are going, don’t look at what you are carrying.”

Self Help Motivation That Lasts a Lifetime

If someone told you that you could get self-help motivation that would last a lifetime, would you want it? You have probably read some of the popular motivational books, like Think and Grow Rich and Rich Dad Poor Dad. These are great books, but they don’t really tell you what you can do to reach success.

Achieving Peak Performance Through Proactiveness

Are there things you want to do but just never get to? Wouldn’t it be great to create the lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of? Taking action today will help you get where you want to go. Here’s and example of exactly what not to do.

A Chickadee On My Rhododendron Bush

Who are we really? Who am I? What is my true self? Is it even important for me to understand who I am? The whole question of identity is riddled with a mine field of confusion, misinformation and vicious labeling, leaving individuals like you and I to find our way amid the perils of conformity and painful desires to belong.

Overcoming Obstacles In Your Business

Are you struggling to overcome an obstacle in your business? You are not alone. Every single person has to overcome obstacles in their business and in their life. Although we all have obstacles in our businesses, they effect certain people differently. In this article I use golf as an analogy to explain how we all face obstacles in business.

Helping, or Hurting?

When we are involved in any situation, good or bad, we should ask ourselves if we are hurting or helping the situation. We need to be mindful of the situation, who is involved and what we are doing or not doing to make the situation better. The actions we take and the words we say need to be planned out rather than blurted out.

2 Signs That Show You Are Motivated

Being motivated is the fuel that makes you to keep going when reaching your goals. This article describes two characteristics that you may find in yourself when being motivated about something.

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