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What to Do When Self-Motivation Comes and Goes?

Many writers will agree that they often suffer from lack of motivation. In fact, there will be occasions when they are highly motivated, and on others they seem to be stuck in a rut for days, weeks and sometimes months together. However, this is true for everything else we take on and not just limited to writing.

The Real Killer of Motivation

The real killer of motivation is routine. If you want to change, have the sort of life you envisaged and want to become the person you dreamed of, then you have to forgo patterns in your life.

Increasing Your Motivation and Improving Your Time Management

The first thing you need to do in order to get on the right track is realize that motivation and time management are directly related. You have to be highly motivated in order to manage your time successfully. Motivation can come from many things such as your family, your desire for career or financial success, or even your hope for recognition and praise. Different things motivate different people, you need to figure out what it is that motivates you and begin to focus on that.

Isn’t it Time You Started to Overcome Procrastination?

Leaving important tasks and duties undone is classic procrastinating behavior. As a result, people who procrastinate often cannot meet their deadlines. There are ways to overcome procrastination, and meet all of your deadlines and commitments.

Kick-Start Your Motivation

Procrastination and wasting time are common ailments. Even if you lose only a few hours a week to them, it can be annoying. Why?

Health Tips Are Bountiful – So What Are You Doing to Improve and Motivate You?

The time for health wellness is now. You know this. So what is it that holds you back? How do you motivate yourself to act? Getting healthy does take effort, commitment, desire and personal willpower. Finding an exercise program to stick with or a diet concept that can be adhered too is simple, some would say.

Why Values Are Important to Your Future?

Your legacy is what you leave and how you will be remembered. Most would hope to be remembered with love and affection, but if we pay little attention to what is important we could easily be despised and reviled. While these are two extremes, they do highlight that thinking about your life and the impact you have is an important exercise. I say, “everyone who is loved by someone, leaves a legacy in some form, even if it is what not to do”. However, few people get to experience the power of a structured living legacy.

Basic Steps For Self Improvement and Motivation

If you want to become successful in everything you do, you should always have room for improvement within yourself. Most successful people achieve their goals by continuously finding better ways in doing things. In addition, they are motivated by challenges instead of being held back.

Life Changing Seven Mile Walk and My New Experiment

Last Saturday my wife and I decided to go for a walk along the Grand River at Riverside Park. It was a beautiful morning and although I declined when she first asked me if I wanted to walk, I am very glad I changed my mind. We put on our iPods and began our trek which ended up going on and on for a little over seven miles. The combination of my music, the beautiful surroundings (including Amanda), and the excellent company helped me enter into a very relaxed state of mind.

Making Excuses?

One of the things that most frequently blocks us from accomplishing our goals is the common excuse. Excuses come in all types of clothing, but they have a singular purpose: to get us off the hook when we didn’t do what we know we should have done.

Coping With Frustration

Economic challenges frequently lead to frustration. Coupling economic difficulties with the holidays overwhelms many people. Hearing that you need to be grateful at the same time you face a zero balance in your bank account, sometimes feels like the final straw.

“Be, Do, Have” Principle

In this particular article we explore what it is that helps highly successful people create a life of abundance. Here is a little hint, they do things differently. We explore who they “be,” what they “do,” and how they “have” such incredible success.

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