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Unmotivated Perfectionists

When we see people on television or the internet who are able to do amazing things, it can create unrealistic expectations in our own lives. When we realize we are unable to fulfill those unrealistic expectations, it can significantly lower our motivation. We can become unmotivated perfectionists. To overcome this, we must stop comparing ourselves to celebrity superstars and instead focus on being the best person we can be.

10 Minutes Til Midnight

During the 70’s the sci-fi thriller Logan’s Run ran. The movie tells the story of a society where all of the inhabitants were limited to a total of 30 years in which they could live. That’s right, all the citizens of the city lived a full life of only 30 years…

The Commitment Difference

Commitment. In this day and age it is almost a four-letter word. Generation Z is growing up with commitment issues and I’m not talking about relationships. There is a noticeable trend amongst young people…they easily back down from commitments and take little accountability for doing so. Teaching kids about commitment is more important than ever and it can be done through participation in the arts!

Motivation: Ability to Accept 100% Responsibility

Simply by accepting the fact that our choices have created our conditions in life, there is a special power that instils us. Sure, there are certain things that may be beyond our control. Get an insight into the various things that can actually motivate you!

Daily Motivation – 4 Ways To Inspire You Toward Your Goals

Daily motivation is the fuel that drives us to improve our lives, achieve our goals and become better people. Read on and discover ways to increase your daily motivation so you can create the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

That Moment!

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years. -Abraham Lincoln. The world is inundated with quotes about never giving up. Stories abound about athletes and performers who continue to struggle against all odds.

Moving in a Direction

Dream, to motivate, or take action to realize the dream. In fact, with a dream, comes motivation, intention and a ‘push’ in life to make progress; towards the goals and objectives any individual works on. You as a competitor would visualize a long track that is significant in progress, and at times, completion is a goal rather than a dream.

How to Find Motivation When Something Is Holding You Back

Have you ever felt like there is more to life, like there was something you are meant to do but aren’t, like there is something missing? I have. There was a period in my life where I was stuck with this empty feeling. A feeling of inadequacy so deep that it had me questioning the purpose in which I was put on this planet.

Motivation Is Simple

Do you find it difficult to get motivated? You don’t need to. As you can find out in this article, motivation is actually a very simple thing. Learn how to use the power of simplicity to motivate yourself.

When Life’s Not Worked Out As Expected

There are circumstances that prevent us from becoming the people we feel we were always meant to be. As we look back over the significant portion of our lives, perhaps we’re over the stinging regret and look more philosophically at what we missed. Maybe those missed opportunities, which never really presented, or did present but the timing wasn’t right, still glow brightly within our consciousness. Or perhaps we lost a loved one far too prematurely, or suffered a marriage breakdown. Perhaps it was several or all of these things.

Peacefully Enduring Life’s Inner Storm

Inner storms are the metaphorical bases of life when all within is a swilling soup of tremor, a jangling array of nervousness for that which is in our midst. We may present calmly, but within there is tremendous turmoil – an inner contortion of vexation.

Baby Boomers – What Do You Value? (Part 3)

As we look at what baby boomers value, the first that comes to mind can be described as “the real thing.” What do they mean by that? For many it has been a lifelong search for something illusive – just over the horizon. For others it is a great deal more concrete. What does it mean to you? Let’s look at this together.

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