This is How You LEVERAGE PAIN to Power SUCCESS

Never Too Young, Never Too Old

You’re never too old to make positive changes in your lifestyle. The earlier you start the better.

Disaster Or Opportunity?

It seems that everyday now we hear about another new meltdown in the business world. Last week a major US company announced some 50 thousand job layoffs. It seems everyone knows at least one individual, who has been fired, laid off or let go and each week the list grows.

Today I Chose ME! My Dreams Are Still Alive

Avoiding one’s dreams is like trying to live without air. It may take a bit longer, but it’ll kill you all the same. Going about the business of being “adults” can often be as agonizing as going through chemo. ICK. So why do so many of us avoid those things that bring us the most joy? Why do we forgo our dreams in lieu of our so-called obligations? It makes no sense to this dreamer.

Beating the Culture of Fear

You hear it on the news every day, the list of things you’re supposed to be afraid of today (and just how afraid you should be). Whether it’s killer cholesterol in your food, hidden terrorist cells or menacing muggers on the street, it seems that you can hardly draw a breath these days without the risk of inhaling a fatal dose of fear. Don’t let your fear keep you out of your life. Find out how to rationalize your fears and begin to live life to its fullest.

6 Tips to Get Motivated & Stay That Way

I know staying motivated can be tough. But it is essential if you want to succeed in anything to stay motivated. Here’s my top six ways to stay motivated.

Six Self Motivation Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals in Life

There are many qualities or characteristics that will determine success, one of which is motivation, especially self-motivation. Because this is the quality that fuels actions; without it, people won’t have the drive to take necessary action to achieve their goals.

You Will Be Judged by Your Cover

You can’t achieve maximum personal or professional success until you get a personal brand. That personal brand must exude a high level of invigoration. That invigoration is judged by others within 3 seconds. Read on to understand how to get your personal brand that will survive and prosper even in times like these.

Get Over Your Fear of Failing – Fail More!

Get over fears of failure by understanding that the real strategy to being successful is to fail more often! You can literally fail your way to success by having a high FQ!

Self Motivation – How to Make Wise Decisions at Home, at Work and Everywhere

Receiving good advice is an art that can be perfected by practice. The quality of our lives is influenced by the people from whom we receive advice. This article will show you why receiving good advice is essential for learning how to make wise decisions.

Student Athlete Procrastination – Ways to Overcome the Laziness

Getting tasks done on time can be rewarding. This article provides simple steps that can help you overcome procrastination.

Create a Dream List to Increase Motivation

When building an Internet business we all have our own motivation or reasons for doing so and wanting to succeed. We should all take the time to write down our motivations and read them every day. There are several things you can put on your dream list, to inspire you to succeed and achieve your goals in your Internet home business.

What Ever Happened to Personal Responsibility?

Okay this is a touchy subject but I’m going to so tell on myself on this one. What ever happened to personal responsibility? We know that we have control over our thoughts, our lives, out attitudes, yet we still look for things or people to blame.

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