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How Is That Hope and Chance Working For You?

The other day I was driving in my car and I pasted a bumper sticker that I found to be very interesting. The bumper sticker had these words on it. “How is that hope and chance working for you?”

3 Keys To Unleash Your Inner Motivation In An Instant

Do you want to learn how you can unleash and tap into your inner potential in an instant? If you do, this will be the right article for you. Motivation is one of the keys that you need to live a successful and productive life. And you are about to discover the 3 keys how you can create motivation immediately.

Changing Your Name to ‘Hero’

It is believed in the traditional Yoruba society of Nigeria, my tribe, that names are a very important aspect of people’s identity. Beyond the issue of identity, the Yoruba also believe that names have something to do with how people will eventually behave, and even determine their (people’s) fortune or ability to succeed in life. That is, to the Yoruba tribe, there is a spiritual or telepathic connection between names and progress.

Mange Your Expectations and Be More Effective

I was feeling really overwhelmed this week with all of the business projects I have planned for myself:) I just get so excited and motivated, and want to do everything at once. It is also especially hard to take a step back on the days I am home with the kids. Am I an entrepreneur, stay at-home mom or both?

More Work, Less Talk

The more you talk about something you want to accomplish, the more you are putting it off! So just go out there and do it!

The Secret How Successful People Are Always Motivated

Do you want to learn the secret how successful people are always able to stay in motivated state? If you want to be successful, motivation is one of the most important keys that you must have. Without motivation, you will never have the drive to do what is necessary that will produce the results you want in your life.

Get Off Your Ass and Do It

Many of us stay motivated by seeking money, a partner, or some other tangible thing. Once we achieve a bit of success we fall back into relaxed mode. How is our motivation tied to our health? How is it tied to our relationships? Are there motivational tactics that can keep the passion alive in business, relationships, and education?

Thanks to The Law of Attraction and The Secret

Three years ago or so, I was in a very difficult situation. Close to bankruptcy, suicide, whatever you want to call, it was really bad. A nice friendly couple gave me a copy of “The Secret”. It changed my life.

Overcoming Personal Limitation – 10 Things I Would Do If I Were Unlimited

I believe most people would come up with an endless list of things if they are asked what they would do if they were unlimited, but will not implement those things because there are in fact limited either by a lack of skill, resolve or resources. There is nothing wrong with brainstorming but there indeed comes a time when one must throw off all limitations and decide that they are boldly going after the thing they have wanted for a long time. I share with you ten things that I would do if I were unlimited.

The Innocence and Power of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm, then, is not given to mirages of despair, though she knows cousins who are. These are frightened by opposite realities that are all too visible. This quality of zealously innocent passion is choosing for the brightness of joy, the colour of wonder, the contrast of health, and the luminosity of splendour. It cannot be beaten.

How to Motivate Yourself in 3 Easy Steps!

What’s that buzzing sound? It can’t be 6:30 already! I just laid down 10 minutes ago. That can’t be, the numbers on the clock read 6:30 but they must be wrong.

Changes in My Life

Are you ready for a change in your life? Do you feel unhappy in your current job and not sure what to do about it? There are changes you can make in your life, but you don’t know which changes will be the best for you. Perhaps you keep setting goals and find yourself failing time and time again. What you need to know is that you cannot do it alone. One of the best ways to positively change your life and reach your goals is to get a life coach.

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