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The Good Attitude in the Face of Difficulties

Challenges that you probably would not have if you do nothing and stay sitting on your couch. Life is a series of challenges Whether in your professional or personal life, it’s the same thing: life is a series of difficulties, trials, and solutions to find. When a solution is found, another problem appears some time later, it is quite normal because life is alive and circumstances change.

Be The Change

You can also spread the news. Raise awareness about the rising poverty and inform your friends and family about the injustice. Even better, if you can write to your representatives in congress about it, then please do so. What it does is that it can generate a consciousness in them, that if a question is raised regarding the issue of poverty they can say that yes, one of his constituent wrote a letter about it. Maybe then, they can formulate and do some action about it.

Self Help Motivation Helps You Achieve Your Goals

People need to feel like they have a reason behind their decisions. It doesn’t matter whether you are exercising or trying to complete a project at work; having clear goals is one of the first steps toward self help motivation.

Motivation – You Need It

Find Your Motivation! Motivation is a precious item and can be hard to come by and to keep!

Take Control of Your Life!

Do you believe that your complaining boss or whining co-workers – or possibly even the depressing cubicle where you work – are the reasons you’re not happy at work? According to Tony Robbins, individuals have more control over their happiness than they might believe. If you’re miserable at work you can do something about it, and it doesn’t matter who else is whining or complaining.

Free Your Unique Potential

Free your potential and grace the world around you by becoming the person you were meant to become. So called real life has a habit of silencing our pure, authentic inner voice. You may have forgotten your inner voice, but it has never forgotten You. Your Inner Potential waits deep inside, patiently to be awakened. This is the time!

6 Ways to Jump Start Your Day

It’s O-dark early and the only thing worse than climbing out of bed is getting fired (and that’s debatable). Ever have one of those first morning thoughts and if yes, do you have them often? Well, do I have good news for you! This is how you can change that.

Reasons to Get Motivated

One of the problems of motivation, in fact of ‘spiritual’ and emotional issues generally, is that they are not visible. People like to deal with what they can see. If they haven’t got money, they see it and feel it, and so they deal with it. The same is true of marketing and sales, of operations – the number of widgets the factory produces or plumbing service calls that we receive – we see we have sales and widgets, and we are extremely aware when we don’t have them. So it is that dealing with the ‘visible’ is much easier, and thus tends to get done. Motivation, on the other hand, even if we are aware that we are de-motivated, is a sort of no-man’s land of experience: it is nebulous, touchy-feely, and because to some it may seem a state of feeling, then we rationalise – there is nothing we can do about motivation, this feeling state will pass, and be replaced eventually by a better feeling state!

Setting Personal and Financial Goals

When you are setting your sights on finding a work at home opportunity, you are going to want to consider writing out your personal or financial goals. This is what is going to help you find what you are looking for, and give you a reference to what you are wanting or not wanting to do. It doesn’t have to be much, but just enough for you to stay motivated.

Motivation: Don’t Give Up

There is nothing in the world to bring us to the place where we desire to be other than the fact that we have decided that as long as we see the future as bright as it could be in our own dreams, visions and aspirations that we refuse to give up no matter what today shows us. We may experience days that may say no to us. We may experience seasons that would challenge our belief in that which we think is what takes us to the top, we may see tomorrow say no that we won’t get…

Motivation: Stop Sign

We are not to say that we do not know about the usual red light. It gives you the only thing that I may refer to as a command. You just have to see it and then understand the reason if you did not know.

Student Motivation: Step 1 – Why Am I at University or College?

The first step towards self improvement and becoming a better student is to remember why you are at university/college in the first place. If you are working to working towards a degree it is vitally important that you don’t lose sight of why you’re therein the first place.

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