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Being Different is Better For You!

If one is ever desirous to losing weight, quitting smoking and or excessive drinking they must first isolate and overcome their anxiety, stress, depression and all other psychological barriers that do and will stand in their way. Another psychological barrier that many experience without ever realising is their thinking and logic to their surroundings. Negative based thinkers that are skeptical, lethargic, indecisive are usually in denial as to what their problems are; unaware of the fact that most of their problems is with their thinking.

Why The Chinese Should Change Their Word For ‘BOOK’

How can you win if you are being taught to learn ‘to lose’ right from childhood and all your life and you hardly even know it? It is hard to win when your mother, your father, your brothers and your sisters have been telling you to go and learn ‘to lose’ once in early morning before the sun even rises, and again on your return in the evening and again before you go to bed, and your aunties and your uncles and your peers and friends tell you the same thing?

You Want Change, But, Will it Work?

We all have times in life when the pressure for change is great and we’re compelled to face the truth and do something differently. Or perhaps you’re in a situation where you want to influence another person whose relationship is important to you. You want change. But, how many programs for change crash and burn, and with them, hope? Too many. You don’t want the pain to continue, so you need a proven template.

Determine to Catch the Sunshine, Even Through the Rain!

Have the stormy clouds of life been beating you down? I challenge you to determine th catch the sunshine, even through the rain! If your life seems dreary right now, believe that the sun will shine again.

The Test Results Are In

A good friend of ours recently told us a true story that made us laugh, but also made us think. She started off by telling us about a friend of hers-who we’ll call Nate. Nate could never find the motivation to finish what he started.

Staying Motivated When You Work at Home

Working at home is a dream that many people have and some are even able to pursue it successfully. When a person works for someone else outside the house they usually have a list of tasks to be completed for that day. If they do not have a list then they have some kind of schedule they need to follow so everything that needs to be done gets done on time.

Controlling Your Mind Power – Does Habit Play a Part?

Habit is both the problem and the solution to your mastering your mind power and more fully exercising the power of your mind. If your were to take inventory of the thoughts you consistently think from day to day, you would be amazed at how little conscious, focused thinking takes place because of habit.

Identify Yourself and Your Undesirable Habits and Problems That Have Been Troubling You For Ages

No I don’t mean it literally “Identifying yourself as a candidate for undesirable habits and problems to the community!” An understanding of your own habits and problems may be more difficult than it seems; the realisation of them may not be as transparent either. So how do you identify them? Yet how do you know if they really exist in your life at all, or are you in denial?

What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Motivation

Sometimes goals take so long to achieve that we start to lose the initial enthusiasm that sparked us to take our first baby steps toward that goal. So how do you get back your motivation?

Six Keys to Creating Loving Boundaries – Or Learning to Say “No”!

Where are you in life right now? What are you creating that makes you feel good. Do you find you end up doing things for others that you really don’t have time or energy for? We say “yes” to doing things for other people when we really don’t want to do. When that happens, we end up giving our power away. We say “yes” when we really want to create boundaries, we want to say “no”. Here are six keys to working with your inner strength in order to say “yes’ to setting boundaries.

How to Transform Apathy Into Motivation

In today’s modern world apathy is becoming increasingly prevalent. We are constantly and consistently bombarded with all sorts of bad news, leaving many of us with a feeling of indifference and the thinking, “I can’t make a difference” or “I can’t change anything, I am just one person.” Thoughts like these, and others, are causing more and more people to avoid becoming involved with the world around them and preventing them from pursuing their goals.

Follow Your Bliss to Incredible Wealth

It seems that following our bliss would require us to give up on having a great lifestyle. The image of a starving artist is so common, that most of us link doing what we love with a state of poverty. This is a false image. Often, doing what we love, using our unique talents, and following our bliss are the very ingredients for creating incredible wealth. Think about it this way: if we’re toiling away at a job that is fine, but not great, how likely are we to take work home, or create new ideas about how to make our product or service better? Not very likely. But if we love what we do, we find that we have an aptitude for the various aspects of increasing our ability to express our passion.

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