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Finding Your Life Purpose – Part One – Why Have One?

I believe that every human being is put here on earth with a specific purpose. Why do I believe this? Well, firstly, I have seen too many people who are very successful and very focused. What are they focused on? Whatever their life purpose is.

Psychology of Motivation and Happiness

Nobody will ever deny the fact of having an element of greed in him her – even you. If you are not, why then do you seek more of everything you already have (money, knowledge, fame, recognition, love, motivation, happiness, friendship etc)? Successful hunters knows that before you can catch a Monkey, you must have what will entice the Monkey.

Overnight Success? I Laugh

success don’t just happen, it has to be set in motion. Most things we call overnight success are actually “over-years” success. The future we once expected is today. Today is the product of of all we have been doing in the past.

48 Hours and Holding – How I Stayed in Trust With God

How many of us try so hard to control pretty much everything in our lives? We go around, with our brains and our know-how and our life experience, thinking that because we ‘know’ this or that, then surely we must be able to control our circumstances. Truth is, more often than not, it turns out we just can’t. Hard pill to swallow, but something that seems to be true. So where does trust come in?

One Shoe Can Change Your Life

Cinderella was a hard working chick, kicked down much of her life with dreams of meeting prince charming. Once she tried on a shoe, her life blossomed and her dreams began to come true.

When It’s Time to Let Go

Have you ever done something that made you feel a sense of guilt and shame till now? Worse still, you were not even given a second chance for your past. How, How could anyone truly live when they are trapped in a prison of fear and hopelessness? In this article, the writer gently reminds the reader the need to let go… and to carry on with life.

How to Get Motivation to Achieve Your Goals?

Finding a motivation to achieve your goals could be the bridge that link towards its realization. Most of us have goals that we aspire to reach. It enables you to strive harder and do better in what you are currently doing, whether at home, school, or work. And when faced with obstacles, some people readily admit defeat and give up on their goals.

How Can Temptation Stunt Your Growth?

Many times we are tempted by outside influences to forgo the more productive parts of our experience for pleasure. While pleasure is part of our experience, it should be controlled the same as everything else. It is easy to fall pray to what feels good and become sidetracked in our quest to be the best we can be.

When Friends Disagree – Relationships, Elections & Forgiveness

Today is a very significant day…for it is the day when each soul can choose anew through their thoughts, words, and actions to move our world closer to peace and universal fulfillment, or backwards into more belligerence, ill-will, and hatred. These feelings serve as magnets that draw more similar feelings into your life. Feelings similar to whatever you are broadcasting yourself with your thoughts, words, and emotions.

Delaying Getting Started – What Are You Putting Off Doing?

Often when we think or plan to do something our enthusiasm and motivation is strong, but all too frequently we put off making a start. Delaying getting started has all kinds of consequences in our life and it’s important to find the right motivation to get us going to make a start.

Self Motivation Tips

Nobody has the ability to motivate themselves better then you can motivate yourself that is why it is called self-motivation. The main Self-motivation tip is the understanding that self motivation comes from the inside of us, it is not an external process. Self motivation starts from within us.

Failure – What Next?

I was sitting in a Tea Stall which in slang is called a tapri. Sipping tea in a small glass cup, I was thinking about my failure. I had miserably failed in the last project I started. It had shifted me into a state of depression.

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