“THIS IS NOT A GAME” – Boxing Documentary: Viddal Riley [Motivational Video]

Instill Your Knowledge!

Do you want your children to have an excellent life? Are you interested in helping other people reach their full potential? You can achieve these goals by instilling your knowledge.

Self Help By Decision

Its all about positive challenges, decisions, self help, and motivation. Great ways for the road to success.

Fear – The Toxin for Success

The emotion of fear, like a garden weed, smothers good thoughts and can cause failure, poverty and even ill health. Fear destroys creativity unnoticed. Successful individuals often had to battle fear and a negative social environment. Acquiring the Success through Mind Power philosophy can enable you eliminate all fears.

Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Dream

If you have tried to reach your goal and stopped because you encountered fear, don’t give up. That is the nature of goals. They take you into new territory and bring you face-to-face with your own personal fears. The issue is not about moving forward once fear is no longer present, the issue is how will you act when you encounter your fear? Will you allow fear to stand in your way? Will you run the other way? Or will you say hello to your fear and move forward despite its presence?

Expressing Your True Self – Marching To Your Own Drum

Unleash your powerful inner potential. Learn to listen carefully to those intuitive hunches because they are directing you to discover and appreciate your unique special gifts and talents.

It is Never Too Late

How old are you? Are you too old? Do you think that your life is coming to an end? Do you think that it is too late to dream or change your life and succeed?

Turn Your Thoughts into Reality!

Is there anything you desire that you feel you cannot have? Is what you want always far from your reach? Anything you want is yours for the taking if you can just tap into the power of your mind. With imagination and belief, you can turn your thoughts into reality. Below are some tips to help you turn your thoughts into reality.

True Motivation

Wonder why you can not sustain your motivation long term? The amount of drive you have to reach a certain goal is contingent on one major factor. Read this article to find out more.

Commitment Starts With a Dream

Do you have big dreams? Ones that get you really excited and you think about every day? Your commitment to your business starts with having a dream and a goal to work towards.

Real Crisis in the Church – A New Leader Emerges – And We Do Not Know Who

What would you do in this situation? How would you respond if this were to happen in your town and city? Do you have the courage and guts and boldness to do what someone did here? It may be needed in these present times in your vicinity.

How To Beat Procrastination – Ignore This Crucial First Step And You’ll Always Procrastinate

Procrastination habits are deadly to those of us who create. They can suck our time, energy and creativity before we’ve even realised and leave us frustrated, confused and wondering why we even bother. You can beat procrastination though if you want to. But, avoid this vital first step and you’ll forever be a slave to procrastination. Read on to find out what it is and how you can take it to begin to overcome procrastination today:

If You Want a Mighty Challenge and Massive Cause To Which You Can Devote Your Life – Here It Is

There are people who are still looking for a challenge and a cause to which they can devote their life. Here is the finest, highest and greatest. All you require will be provided and supplied.

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