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Self-Improvement – The Expense of Appropriateness

In order to keep our world civil there are thousands of unwritten rules we all just know and usually follow. Most of the rules we follow were never taught to us directly nor were they read in a book. Most of the rules we follow result from modeling the behavior of the adults in our lives. These “agreements” come with a huge expense. The expense is the utter lack of greatness…

The Big Secret In Life

If you are fond of reading motivational,self improvement books and articles, read this article and you will find out they all say the same thing. Know what that thing is.

3 Ways to Pursue Your Dreams

Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. – John Updike Every person has a Dream. Years ago, two regular guys got together in their garage and came up with an idea. They wanted to build the world’s first personal computer.

The Self Help Secret For Inspiration And Motivation When You’re In A Rut At Work

Inspiration and motivation are often misunderstood. Many people hold the attitude that the only way they can find happiness and feel inspired and motivated is if outside circumstances/people are inspiring and motivating. Sadly, those people are missing an extremely valuable insight.

Moving Out Of the Comfort Zone

Living in familiarity is painless compared to trying to make something go away and creating new action steps to change and growth.

5 Strategies For Navigating Through the ‘woulds’

The words that we speak have an energy to them. They can either lift us up or wear us out. We must closely monitor the words and phrases we allow to flow from our mouths. This article will provide 5 strategies for navigating through the “I would…” statements we tend to allow to rule our lives.

Why Would You Like to Become Very Rich? Have You Given the Matter Serious Thought?

What is the dominating reason why you would like to become really wealthy? Very often it is not money itself that motivates people to succeed. There are a number of factors that act as motivating forces. Ambition is more than a strong desire to achieve your goal in life. It should be a passionate quest to give your life meaning and purpose.

Individuality – Your Key to Greatness

So many people look for success in all the wrong places. What if the key to your own unique brand of success has been right under your nose all this time?

We All Need A Little Help – Benefits of Attending a Live Seminar

Lessons from top professionals in any subject are unquestionably the best there is, or will ever be. You can read their books for tips, still you know the best advice and lessons come from being with them in person. Skills in the subject of personal motivation is exactly the same, with the unrivaled benefit of meeting fellow travelers on the road to success for lasting support and friendships. Meetings on the golf course actually come second in records of successful people connecting at motivational seminars. The most identifiable statement in this reference is that good people are busy doing something, and they do that until they find something better to do. Live seminars show this in two major ways. By the material content of the event and the association between the like minded people who attend. The friendships which are formed as a result that would otherwise never have taken place.

The Story of Ooodee the Owl

I want to share with you a true story. This is the story of Ooodee the Owl. In 1985 my daughters and I lived in a town called Mariposa, California, just south of Yosemite National Park.


Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, was right. It begins here. Most of society’s ills and problems stem from the lack of respect. That’s quite a statement. Lack of respect for…

The Power of Persistence

A little boy has just been given a new bike by his parents. That boy has never been on one before. But he really wanted to ride one. So naturally he practices. The boy falls numerous times. He even scraped his knees on the pavement. The mother seeing her child like that wanted him to stop. But the little boy refused to do so. He practiced all the way to the afternoon and by the end of the day, he was dirty and scraped in several places. But the boy did learn how to ride and that was more than enough reward for his persistence.

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