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How To Beat Procrastination – Are You Ignoring This Crucial First Step?

Are you tired of the constant battle with procrastination? Wouldn’t you like to be able to just sit down and get lost in something creative, without finding 101 ways to avoid it? Maybe you’re missing the crucial first step in how to beat procrastination? Ignore this and you’ll always procrastinate, it will always have a stranglehold on you. Read on to find out what this vital step is, and how to take it…

Dare You – No I Double Dog Dare You

When I was a little girl I commonly retreated to my bedroom to “think.” I would tell my mother that I needed some quiet time. My mother always thought this was peculiar.

Just Do It!

Is procrastination YOUR best friend? Most of us don’t think of ourselves as procrastinators. However, when we want something but we don’t take action, that’s exactly what we are. There is reason we procrastinate: fear, anxiety, or lack of motivation. There is ONE simple step to getting what you want: Just Do It

You Have More Support Than You Know

“God’s the kind of guy you can trust,” was my friend John’s advice on a particularly bleak autumn morning. At the time, I probably gave him one of those oh-please-do-you-think-this-is-going-to-help-me-pay-my-bills looks.

Motivation is Like Bathing

How do we ensure that in our extremely busy modern lives where most of us are juggling work, family lives, personal lives and businesses that we stay energised and excited by what we do and how we do it.

Glory Perception

A big item you may be missing in your life, A new outlook can be eye opening. How to enjoy your life more.

Facing Honesty Honestly

Life with kindly honesty makes for a more comfortable life. Let’s first look at what some say about honesty…

Teach Yourself To Type

home education helping advance self going the final step

Motivation For Leaders

When you understand that motivation is the natural condition of people, you can begin to look at the people whose active cooperation you require and ask not “what would motivate them?” but “what is motivating them right now?” If they are moving, you will notice where they are going. If they seem to be standing still, you can assume they are being pulled in precisely the opposite direction from the one you would like them to be moving.

Now You Can Achieve Anything Without Motivation

What if all these self help motivation books really weren’t needed, and you could accomplish anything you desire with absolutely not motivation in life? How would that make you feel? It would truly be inspiring, evolving and allow us all to get where we want to go in life without the need for 21 million motivational books to get us there. This is all entirely possible and peevishly simple, and there only 3 criteria you must meet…

Earning My Letter

In high school I thought that Carl’s and Chink’s athletic letters were far more important than my debate team letter. That letter for our debate team awards made in the shape of an old English letter C actually looked a little queer to tell you the truth, but looking back it taught me an important lesson. Queer or not, it taught me to be who I am and let all the Carls and Chinks of the world be who they are as well. What would the world be like if we were all lettered athletes anyway?

Be A Winner Or A Whiner?

Nowadays, many people whine about many things in their lives. And usually, they are also good blamers and complainers as well. They point their fingers at the economy, the government, their boss, other employers, their spouse, and anyone else they encounter.

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