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Do You Know How Lucky You Are?

Do you know how fortunate you are? You are using the internet. What an amazing tool for us to have to advance all parts of our life. You have at your fingertips a life changing opportunity. Are you putting it to good use?

The Six Instructions For Cosmic Ordering Every Person Must Read!

If there was a way for you to live your dreams and achieve your goals through Cosmic Ordering would you do it? Is there a set plan for this? Imagine all your dreams can come true.

The Ability To Blossom

Over the years, many people have asked how to find more clarity and focus in their lives. When I’ve asked them what they mean by clarity, they answer: “A clear sense of what I’m here to do, I’m not really excited about anything anymore and I want that feeling of passion or excitement back again (or to find it for the first time)”. I answer them by asking what’s bothering them first.

Five Areas Of Life You Need To Master

Whatever we do in life is related to some or the other reason emotionally. Have you ever thought if you want to lose weight, why you want to lose weight? Why you want to go for a complete make over or why you want to join gym? You might say to get a fit body or to look different from usually what you look, right?

Weathering Fallow Times

Everyone experiences fallow periods – those times when we’re restless and frustrated because nothing seems to be happening. These uneventful times, while frustrating, are actually good news.

The Secret to Instant and Lasting Motivation

Do you have a list of goals and desires that have yet to be fulfilled? Do you find yourself generating exciting new ideas only to find that you lose the motivation to complete them shortly after you get started? Perhaps you talk yourself out of that great new idea even before you even begin to pursue it.

Are You Smart Enough?

You do have the smarts and the tools available to make your first million? The question is do you have the right mindset and if you don’t are you willing to research and find out how to achieve the right mindset? You can achieve most anything with the right mindset.

How To Achieve More In Months Than In Previous Years

Did you know that by being aware of, and by controlling your thoughts you can achieve more in months that you did in the past few years? Are you not where you want to be in your life? You want happiness and success, yet you can’t seem to get any closer to achieving that wonderful life, even after years of trying?

Change Yourself By Raising Your Own Standards

Every individual aspires to change in life for better,as only thing constant in life is Change! A change will be of real value if it is everlasting and consistent.Many of us experience changes which last only temporary, making us feel let down and there by disappointed subsequently.

Use These Three Tips to Get Over Obstacles in Your Life

The difficulties you face in life are may be the result of your own creation. Take note that every problem has a root and either knowingly or unknowingly, you may be the root to so many barriers in your life. Try as best as you can and use these tips to remove obstacles in everyday life.

The Remarkable Mysteries of Taking Risks

Often we are loathe to take risks, especially those that involve others. We consider all the ‘what-if’s’ with a keen and sometimes overly-skeptical eye. And, more often than not, we talk ourselves out of the very thing that will bring more joy, more growth, more of who we are, all in the name of fear. But if we can just get past our skepticism, we find that remarkable things can happen. Taking risks is part of Life.

Give Yourself Motivation With Rewards

Buy that new outfit you had your eye on? Or maybe treat yourself to a nice dinner with friends? Anything that is going to motivate you to work harder the next day.

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