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Stop Thinking And Get Into Action

According to Joan Baez “Action is the antidote to despair.” Life is 4 Living asks some key questions to help you to self-administer this powerful cure and prompts you to get moving towards your goals.

The University of Life – What’s Your Major?

Many times we can major so much on the minors that we neglect the major issues in our lives. Take an inventory of what your major is in life. Just as we have our major subjects and minor subjects in college so it is in The University of Life.

The Problem With an Easy Life

When your life reaches a fork in the road, what path do you take? When faced with a challenge, what do you do? Do you always do your best? Are you capable of more?

Feelings – Should We Control, Ignore Or Give in to Them? How About None of the Above?

You want to move into action but something stops you. Your attempts at positive thinking aren’t doing the trick. What if it’s buried emotions and you can’t talk yourself out of them?

Stuck? Tricks For Removing the Glue

Have a project or task that is stuck and has been stuck for weeks or months? Here is a trick to remove the glue and get the project or task rolling and completed.

Choose Your Focus of Attention

Transform from a mediocre or mundane lifestyle to something passionate and with more zest by changing your focus of attention. Dig into a well of energy and live life again.

I’ll Do it When – What’s Keeping You From Your Dreams?

Most people I talk with are excited about pursuing their dreams. We can get into the juicy details of what they want their life to look like, what they want to be doing, what skills and talents they want to be using, what values they want to honor, who they want to be impacting, where they want to be living, etc. And then…

How to Turn a Negative Past Into a Powerful Asset According to Erica Combs

Don’t let negative baggage bog you down. Things happen for a reason. You have been brought to this point in your life in order to live a powerful life from this day forward.

The Power of Thought to Make it All Happen

Personal Branding is about being authentically YOU. When you are true to yourself you will be successful. Successful Brand Builders consistently show up at the right time, in the right place and in the right way. Hone your brand identity (who you are), your branding focus (what you want) and your branding investment (what you do) by honoring yourself and others. Keep reading to see how.

Stop Settling For Less Than You Can Be

Leadership begins with vision. Vision is that ability to see, feel and want something more than what you have. Where is your vision? If I ask you what your vision was, could you tell me?

What Are You Tolerating? How to Zap Those Energy Drains

Humans are great at tolerating! We put up with, accept, take on and are dragged down by people’s (other’s and our own!) behavior, situations, unmet needs, crossed boundaries, incompletions, frustrations and problems. You are likely tolerating more than you think. Learn how to plug those energy drains with this article.

Help! I Lost My Motivation

Have you sometimes looked at your daily “to-do” list and then wondered how you could ever get it all done? Maybe you are having more and more workdays wasted because you just cant find the motivation to get anything done? Read on for some tips to find your missing mo-jo!

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