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Are You Throwing Punches?

Last week, I wrote about the ability to take a punch and many of you related to that article. Some of you talked about how you have been on the receiving end of someone trying to knock you out. Maybe it’s a coworker who doesn’t know how to be a team player.

Ultimate Motivators To Achieve Personal Goal Success

We all seek out and require motivation at certain times throughout our lives when we plan to carry out some pretty significant changes. You know those changes that you plan to make but in the past, they never seemed to materialize? Don’t give up, start again and get the motivation you need to succeed.

New Year’s Resolutions: Have You Already Forgotten?

Do you remember your New Year’s Resolutions? It is only the beginning of February. However, I’d wager most of us have either forgotten them or they are not quite as crisp and clear as they were on January 1st. “Forget them, I didn’t even bother to make any this year.” For any who might say that, I suggest you read this article at least twice. Making New Year’s Resolutions is a worthy goal. There is something in us that wants to be successful and prosper, even if we think the chances are remote. The other is that we instinctively know that setting goals lends meaning and texture to our lives. If we want to be successful and we know that goals are good, what goes wrong? The problem is in the process. Most of us don’t know the actual procedure to follow to set and then reach our goals. Here are five suggestions that should help you increase your chances of taking wishes and dreams and turning them into reality.

How to Create Your Goals

Get started on creating your goals and dreams. Include some self care to bring the best you forward.

A True Purpose in Life

What is your purpose in this lifetime? What have you done with your life? What really matters to you? What have you given back? Is your life about making money? Is it about the prestige, the kind of car you drive, the career you have, the house you live in? So many life props… so many externals… so many material things that wedge themselves between what is most important… your true purpose in life.

Common Reasons Why A Motivational Speaker Strives To Improve His Skills

Wanting to improve your motivational skills? This article will list out some of the reasons why a motivational speaker strives to improve his skills and perhaps this could give you some insights on what to do next.

Finding Inspiration and Motivation

Even with all the negativity in this world, there are still plenty of sources from which you can derive inspiration and motivation. Read on to find out what they are.

Motivational and Inspirational Books Are One and the Same

Well, not exactly. Motivational books attempt to move someone to action via personal stories and scenarios of achievement. The use of these case studies is the very motivation base.

Transform Your Life – 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Life Better

You can make a better life for yourself if you truly want it. Here are 5 easy tips to help you transform your life.

Motivating Quotes and Sales Phrases – Are They Useful or Just Annoying?

Motivating quotes and phrases are either ignored by sales people or they find them annoying or patronising. But are there any benefits for sellers and small business owners from these one line phrases used by speakers, trainers, and authors. Here we show you how to reframe you viewpoint and gain the benefits from quotes, tips, and phrases.

The Proven Path or a Chance to Change the World?

Schools are in the business to give us the tools we need to navigate the proven paths in life. Let’s face it, they want us to succeed and the easiest way to get there is what’s been done before. Maintaining the roads of years and years of proven success by adding safety rails, repainting the lines, and you guessed it, filling potholes… Here’s your diploma……and here’s your shovel. My decision to learn as much about myself as possible during my cancer experience has inspired me to put down my shovel and pick up a machete to start blazing trails of tomorrow

The Space Between Life and Death

Many people go through life never tapping into their life’s purpose. Maybe some people wonder what the big deal is, while others question whether they even have a purpose. How does one discover or decide if their life has any purpose?

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