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Finding the Right Kinds of Motivation

Finding the right motivators is critical to goal actualization. There are two kinds of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The strongest motivation is intrinsic motivation. Understanding what motivates you will help in the process to a better, more fulfilling life!

Revitalise Your Work – What to Do When You’re Stuck

When we want more energy, motivation and satisfaction at work, the barriers we experience may seem outside our control. This can leave us feeling stuck yet there is a way forward based on 4 simple principles.

Get Ahead in Life With Motivational Posters

Motivational posters help to encourage people to fight bravely in the tough situations and encourage by helping them achieve a positive outlook to these unfavorable situations. It is an excellent gift idea since seeing these posters keeps everybody in an upbeat mood.

The Anti Forces of Positive Change

We all just do not like changes. Comfort zone is the name of our common homes. In life, we are often forced by external pressures so as to change, otherwise, we will always be in the inertia state. That’s a famous physics law, isn’t it? It applies to humans too!

Success Principle – The 212 Degrees Attitude

What does it really take to achieve your goals? You need to have the 212 degrees attitude in order to succeed.

Motivation Comes From Motives

The greatest example of motivation that I have seen is when a beautiful bride has to get into that wedding dress for the wedding day. Nothing will stop her. She works out, she eats very little, and she is fiercely determined. The problem is, the day after the wedding, (sometimes right after the wedding) things go back to normal. What happened?

Twilight – Learning to Overcome Personal Weakness

I used to be one of those crazed Edward Cullen fans who, when reading the book Twilight for the first time, actually dreamed of the fictional character on more than one occasion – and I’m a happily married woman! Good news is I’m well over it. However, in addition to being a ridiculously addictive romance novel, the Twilight story can actually teaches a critical lesson about working through and overcoming personal weakness.

Getting Passionate, Involved and Emotional

A lot of people achieve by luck, or by cheating-or some or other short-cut. They get phenomenal results. Then they go out and buy all the things that say I’ve arrived. I’m an achiever. And then you talk to people who’ve gone that route, and you find that their lives are still hollow.

The Mind Shift For Turning Failure Into Success

It is NOT the failure that ultimately harms us. It is the way you have decided to interpret it. Learn the simple mind shift strategy for turning failure into success.

Running Over the Hurdles

Imagine being on a track and being told you need to run the Hurdle race. How does that make you feel? Are you confident? Are you scared to death? You have a choice when it comes to this race.

Change and Growth

It’s not possible to avoid change. Sure, you can keep the same clothes, the same haircut, keep your house decorated the same, hold on to the same mate, try to keep your children close even as they go off to make their own lives and families, live in the same city, attempt to keep the same job, attend the same church, have the same friends — all of that — and still change happens — inner and outer. Our bodies age, knees start to creek, it’s harder to sleep through the night…

Goals Are Good – Intentions Are Spectacular

Goals and intentions are two different things. Goals are a list of things you want to accomplish. Intentions are things you are going to do.

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