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Resolutions or Goals: They are the Same to Me

The time has come again, the flood of articles about making New Year’s resolutions. Though the articles have different slants I do not understand them because resolutions and goals are the same to me. I never make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I decided to do it. Do these resolutions or goals match yours?

Man (40) Looking For a Change

There was this series on the television called thirtysomething picturing the roundabout of men (Michael, Elliot and Gary) and women (Hope, Ellyn and Melissa) in their thirties. Although there are some alterations during those years related to work and private life, the real changes come often when you turn 40. The two main elements that drive many (other) changes are both present…

The Perfect Birthday Present for Mom

Many people consider their mothers as the most important person in their lives. Mothers are there when their children are young to help them learn to read and get ready for their prom when they reach their teenage years. They are also there when their children have their first born and when their hearts get broken.

Mastering Motivation

Every one of us has felt the surge of motivation well up within us. To me, motivation is the product of inspiration, it’s the last step in the process before massive and immediate action takes place. When we allow our dreams to break through and become reality for us, we have utilized the magic of motivation. So how can we stay motivated? Surround yourself with that which inspires you! Inspiration is the key. That which you love and have a passion for is a good place to start…

So You Think You Are Too Old?

There are too many people that think just because they retire from working for a living that they must retire from doing things that will make a lasting impression. How many times have you heard statements such as “I am too old for that,” or “Let the younger ones do that task” or “If I were only 20 years younger?” Thoughts like that are nothing but an express elevator to heaven and give God a good reason to take you home.

Stop Praying!

What would you say if someone told you to stop praying? If you are like most dedicated Christians you would get pretty upset. Now what would you say if someone told you that God told you to stop praying? Would you cry Blasphemer? If you answered yes you need to read on…

When Your Efforts Yield No Result

Have you made lots of effort yet got no results? Then read this article to know how to hold to your goals and ideas to the end


Lack of confidence, is really nothing more than a lack of consciousness. It was projecting yourself into an imaginary future that created the thought that you were inadequate for the task.

You Can Get Anything You Want at the Universal Restaurant (Except Alice!)

Think you can? Think you can’t? Either way, you’re right! Find out how you can apply the laws of the Universe to your everyday life! Caution: reading this may change everything!

Willingness Is A State of Mind – What Are YOU Willing to Do

Success doesn’t happen by chance. Success happens through determination and commitment. When one puts action behind goals, greatness is accomplished.

Importance of Human Rights Education

Introduction of Human Rights Education is necessary at all levels.Every one have right to Education. It is necessary to know about Human Rights.

Living on the Cutting Edge

Is your life changing or are you just recreating the same ld things, over and over. Find out how change happens in this article.

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