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The Gift Of Righteousness – An Open Door To Prosperity

Over the past few years, I have come to the very strong conclusion that if Christians are ever going to receive what they have a right to receive according to the Word of God, they must believe they are the righteousness of God. Prosperity, healing and victory will always be a problem if righteousness never becomes a reality in our lives.

What It REALLY Means to Be “Born Again” – The Little Prince Series

We are being asked to surrender to the barrenness of the desert, the seeming utter emptiness of our life, the dark void within us that feels like a bottomless pit of despair. We are asked not to fight this condition but to embrace it, allow it to be, relax into it, and simply be with what we are experiencing. We shall ultimately find that this isn’t an emptiness we are dying into but a fullness that’s seeking to be born in us.

Motivation – 8 Defining Questions From Joseph’s Life

The story of Joseph in the Bible is a sad, compelling story of a young man who triumphs over tragedy in a miraculous fashion that even his critics would acknowledge that there is something special about the young man. It speaks to every highly – motivated person who dares to dream that the impossible is possible. I am a big fan of Joseph, but I wonder what sort of questions he had to answer and the challenges he had to deal with on his way to the top. I imagine that Joseph would have had to deal with the eight questions below on his way from the prison to the palace. May these questions help every leader in assessing his character and way of doing things.

The Sacred Gate

We are multi-dimensional beings of unlimited potential. Do you believe that? What if it were true?

The Best Ways to Avoid Procrastination and Stay Motivated

Procrastination is a habit that is prevalent in a working individual, especially when you’re in the midst of a busy environment. It damages your concentration to accomplish a desirable quality outcome. You feel an uncomfortable situation and sometimes your condition is filled with too much stress, placing you not in a working mode. You become terribly in a state of extra stress preventing to do your efforts to do the best you can.

Motivation – 8 Things You Can Do To Get Your Financial Goals Back on Track

Whether you like it or not you are going to handle a lot of cash transactions this year. I am reminded of a proverb that says, ” a fool and his money are soon parted”. I would like to say something else that is also true. A wise man who respects his money and sows it, will never part with part will find it on the other side ten times more, having borne much fruit. It is my desire that you get back on track in terms of your financial goals, living a debt free life that if full of abundance and goodness. I share eight practical tools you can use to “get back up again”, financially.

How to Prevent Procrastination – Tackle Problems As Soon As They Arise

It’s a Mad House but there is a Method to the Madness. That is why is so Important for me to Not Procrastinate any longer in Giving you all I can so you can feel better about your decision to join or look for a business or way to make money or improve your lifestyle.

The Journey to Letting Go and Being Free

When we let go of expectations we let go of suffering. When we expect something to happen we can in turn create suffering as we hope for this to happen. Hoping for something to happen creates anxiety within us. An attachment to these outcomes chains us to what may or may not happen. When we remove these shackles we remove the suffering that these shackles create within us.

New You Day Promises

It seems like there’s a new challenge popping up every other day. Creating a challenge is easy – but STICKING to one can be difficult!

Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions: Make a Mission Statement Instead in 6 Simple Steps!

I don’t know how many times I have made New Year’s resolutions only to break them later. This year is different. Instead of making resolutions, I made a mission statement for the year. This mission statement is propelling me every day to new heights in my life. I have never felt so crystal clear on God’s callings on my life.

Motivation – It Takes 21 Days To Break A Habit

This is a fact, it takes 21 days to break a habit! Now it may take a life time to develop the bad habit but the great thing is you only have to be consistent for 21 days to break that bad habit.

The Value of Love

What is more important – money or love? Both have great value in our world so how do you learn what your values are? If you had to choose between money or love – which would you choose?

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