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The Power Of Association

You are what you are today by the information you had access to; this is to say, the people that came your way and the books you have read all these years. There is power in your association. So, do not despise the effect and power of association. In as much as the effects of association are powerful, great care must be taken in this regard. Everybody must not be your friend!

Ways for Curing Procrastination

Curing Procrastination is related to the task of overpowering fear. If an individual becomes successful in conquering the fears that leads to the delaying of vital projects then, the possibility of curing of procrastination is very high. To cure procrastination is not always related to exercising self-discipline or perhaps vehemently making headway towards the objectives, but in fact it is to be aware basically of the causes of procrastination.

There Is No Excuse For Not Living The Dream

Just so happens that in this day and age most of us pathetically prefer to wimp out. We don’t even make the first attempt to change our life never mind follow our dreams. We watch television, surf the net, raid the fridge or find a million pitiful distractions to fill some kind of imaginary void in our mundane lives.

It’s Game Time!

“Every study undertaken by Man was the genuine outcome of curiosity, a kind of game. All the data of natural science, which are responsible for man’s domination of the world, originated in activities that were indulged in exclusively for the sake of amusement. When Benjamin Franklin drew sparks from the tall of his kite he was thinking as little of the lightning conductor as Hertz, when he investigated electrical waves, was thinking of radio transmission. Anyone who has experienced in his own person how easily the inquisitiveness of a child at play can grow into the life work of a naturalist will never doubt the fundamental similarity of games and study. The inquisitive child disappears entirely from the wholly animal nature of the mature chimpanzee. But the child is far from being buried in the man, as Nietzsche thinks. On the contrary, it rules him absolutely.”

Motivational Story – Your Strength

One day, there was a young man standing near a very large river. He wanted to cross the river, so he waited for a raft to take him to cross it. A few minutes later, a raft got near to the riverside and the young man got to a fisherman paddling the raft.

Turning Unmotivated Feelings Into Motivated Ones

You can’t hit the target if you don’t aim first, and that will make you procrastinate because you don’t know where to expend your energies. If you have something you want to achieve, the clearer you are about what you want to achieve the more chance you have of achieving it.

Are You Caught In Comfortable Misery?

Are you in a bad situation that you wish would just go away? Maybe it is a relationship that is not working out or a boring dead-end job. You are unhappy and frustrated and complain about how terrible it is, but you don’t take action. You won’t change. You feel stuck, and you are. You are caught in comfortable misery.

Victim No More

Odds are, if you’ve been to one of my seminars or if you’ve been involved in one of my coaching groups, you’ve heard my views on victim-hood. I hate it. I don’t believe in victims and I’m fed up with the victim mentality. We all choose our destiny.

Your Success Depends On Your Motivation

No matter where life takes us, we all need to be positively motivated in order to succeed. This is particularly true when things are not quite going our way and when we have undertaken business projects that do not seem to work out as we would have expected.

My Name is Hope!

In a world of constant change, instant everything, I need a tool to help me remember the cyclical nature of life and personal growth. Time is a flowing river that I travel through, in order to remember who I am. Caught in one part of the river called linear time, I see life as a challenge that has a beginning and an end. I live in the middle part of this river and live only what I can feel through my five senses. Unaware of other aspects of the river I feel separated from the source of its energy. I find myself paddling harder and harder to get to the end where there is a beach of perfection, forgetting that I don’t need to paddle at all to find what I’m looking for; it is right where it has always been, within me.

Beat Your Compulsive Lying Today

Why does anyone lie? What is the need for someone to lie? These are some of the questions which might be of concern. If your partner is lying to you, the first question coming to your mind is why y would do such a thing. This leads for further relationship problems. There is no proper reason why a person lies, the most common reason is fear, and most of the people do lie so that they can have shelter from the punishment or just hide themselves from a certain criminal activity.

Motivation Can Help You Reach New Heights

Motivation is what prompts a person to behave in a particular manner. The reason for this may be basic necessities like food, demand by society, etc. If the behaviour of a person needs to be changed the most important thing is motivating the person. One can be motivated in many various means like giving rewards or gifts on the completion of a task or you can draw inspiration from your daily life and be self-motivated.

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