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Learning To Use The Power of Color

Obviously, there is something about the affect colors have on our personalities and our lives. If you are interested, you can continue reading about the colors that add creativity to life.

How Are Power and Social Privilege Abused?

Privilege and power, within the context of oppression, both play a huge part in society in relation to sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, and religious affiliation. They focus and describe the potential impact of privilege and power on the socially privileged and the oppressed.

4 Top Child Communication Manipulation Strategies

When communicating to children consistency and joint problem solving is very important to ensure the child’s well being. As described in the text, consistency when communicating with children helps the child not get confused by mixed messages. An example of this can be seen when a child is told that swearing is not allowed, but then the rule is not strictly enforced every time the child swears. The rule no longer helps to influence a change in the child’s behavior because it is not consistently enforced. By not consistently enforcing a rule, the child is receiving the message that irresponsibility is not punished.

The Power of Yes – Part II

Think about the number of times each day that you say either yes or no to yourself. Every action you take or don’t each day is either a yes or no. Every time you say yes to yourself, you increase your sense of aliveness which in turn is an attractor factor for health, wealth and happiness in your life.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

They recorded these triumphs with great detail and moved on to the next like a brick mason does when laying the small pieces he will use to construct a building. Based on documentation we must assume that they used good planning and judgment for the future, but the focus was always obtaining advancements in technology, society, and education of the time; so that collectively Rome was built every day.

The Key to Motivation That Beats Them All

This is the key to motivation that really works. This article tells you how this one simple technique can be immediately and simply inserted into your daily experience.

P90X and a Story on Motivation

Motivation is an essential part of any fitness quest. Without it, it is like trying to drive a car without gas….the only way to do it is to coast downhill.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

You go to bed at night and just want to sleep because you are tired and the day just wasn’t what you had dreamed it would be. Soon with the help of a sleep aid or just because you’re tired, you fall into what could be called a deep restful sleep. You dream?

Working Just to Keep Up?

It is true that too many of us are forced to work harder than we’d like to – and at times beyond our capacity to most adequately care for our loved ones. It is only natural that we will feel guilty, vulnerable and trapped. This is a very ordinary problem in our world.

Want to Write a Book? – Prepare to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

So, you’re thinking about writing a book… You’ve lots to say and lots to tell about all kinds of things. Maybe you’ve even started a couple of books but haven’t finished them. Occasionally it becomes necessary to stretch outside of our comfort zone and allow ourselves the freedom of creating.

Tips To Having More Energy

People are looking for more energy. Everyday people buy energy drinks, pills, potions and powders to find energy. These energy tips will help you get the energy you need without all those foreign substances.

3 Motivation Tips

Looking to get more motivated in life? Maybe, find more energy? These motivation tips will help you get pumped up to live the life of your dreams. Time to take control of your life.

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