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Carpe Diem – Seize the Day

Making change in your life, but too nervous – try this article out. A telling take on how to make big changes in your life and be confident about it.

Motivational Techniques – Give Yourself a Treat

Remember when you were a kid and you had little treats to motivate you to get things done? Like, no TV before homework was done, or ice cream for good behavior? Well, just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean you can’t still have treats as a reward for getting something done.

Removing Inner Barriers

There is a strong link between the mind and body and removing inner barriers relates to removing any mental blocks that you might have that are preventing you from losing weight. Maybe it’s that your mind is sabotaging all your good efforts with constant cravings or just the constant negative mental speak that won’t seem to shut up, read on to find out how you can overcome all of these and achieve everything that you want and more!

The Bomber Billy Story

The story of Bomber Billy captures what can happen to each and everyone of us if we focus on taking action towards what we want and what need to be done instead of our fears. It is an example of how circumstances can thrust us forward to achieve our dreams.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation keeps us from doing things that we wanted to. It’s something that drives us to do things and accomplish everything that we wanted.

Getting Out of Your Parent’s House in Your 20’s

This is something that people do normally, but it isn’t as easy as it may sound at first. The reason is because of the challenges between transitioning from dependency to independence.

Self Motivation – From Inertia to Action

Self motivation is what gets you to perform tasks even if there is nobody to egg you on. It is a simple matter of retraining your self-belief system so that you are perfectly capable of progressing from ‘can’t’ to ‘can’, and finally to ‘done’.

Learn to Access Google – With Only Your Mind

When we are ready to release ourselves from the bondage of procrastination, we must understand that it is not a matter of “trying to get over it” or “trying to get rid of it”. We can try all we want, but until we commit to DOING it, we won’t have much success. Jeffery Combs explains that it is a matter of accessing our reticular activating system.

Every Body Deserves to Be Heard

Each year, in the second half of February, we experience a “change of seasons” at Fitness Quest 10 when the Major League Baseball players leave for spring training camp and the NFL players arrive for off-season training. This year, just like the previous few, the seasons overlap and for a couple of weeks and the football and baseball guys actually get to train together. It’s a lot of fun and the inter-mingling between the different sport athletes is unique. Some are getting ready to leave… and some are just starting their off-season, but their quest is the same… to prepare for a championship season.

The Worry About Worrying

Worrying lowers your body’s defenses. Worrying takes up masses of psychic and actual physical energy. Worrying can cause illness as your brain tries to distract and defends against an unreal threat.

Self Motivated Matter

The powers of our thoughts, as proven scientifically, are only as powerful as our ability to utilize them. When we understand that everything starts with an idea, we can imagine the process of architecture, planning and visioning that must has taken place to create fortunes. Goal setting is yet another exercise in this process. Individually, we can enlist the power of energy, its laws and rhythms into our goal setting style. Goals are then realized.

Why I Admire Bob the Builder

Today I want to talk about why I admire Bob the Builder. Until recently, I never thought much about Bob the Builder. But over the holidays, I spent some time watching different shows with my 3 year old son.

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