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How To Defeat The Fear Of Loss?

Fear of loss is a limitation for most of us. It limits us to achieve success and go for what we want. Fear of losing money and pride limits us some people to start a business. Fear of losing opportunity to have relationship with someone limits some people to get someone’s phone number. Fear of losing pride might limit sales people to open their mouth and start introducing. Can you overcome it?

Nothing Is Right For Dream Achievers At The Beginning

Leaders start pursuing their dreams before anything is right for them. They don’t wait for people are ready to align with them, wait for opportunities open widely for them and don’t wait for the right timing. They start right here and right now. They create alignment from others. They create opportunities. They create their own right timing. My story when I was 17…

How Procrastination Harms Your Life

Procrastination is a habit that most of us tend to have but are not willing to change it. However do we know the dire effects of this habit and what it can bring to our lives?

How To Increase Your Motivation To Achieve Your Goals

How badly do you want your goals? How motivated are you to be persistent in going after your goals and dreams until they are achieved? How much you want your goals and dreams determines the strength of your motivation. It is that strength that will steadfastly pursue your dreams irrespective of any challenges, setbacks, oppositions or confrontations.

Intentional Living

I am a list maker and sometimes that can give you the false sense of doing and getting things done. There is something about making lists that is gratifying and it is more gratifying to check them off. At the end of the day, the myriad of little black checks on a paper is a barometer of making progress and moving. However, are you just looking for moving? How about being a mover and a shaker?

These Are The Good Old Days, Learn To Appreciate Them

We learn from an early age to anticipate events in our lives, both good and bad. We start to look forward in life and not backward. The butterfly feeling in the stomach, the feeling of being on pins and needles, hoping that time will hurry and pass so that we can get to the “good” stuff, you know the feeling. I personally have learned to love and enjoy that time, to find ways to heighten it, so that when what I’ve been yearning for is happening, it’s not merely good, but great…memorable.

How to Overcome Procrastination – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Procrastination unfortunately seems to be connected to laziness, lack of desire or just plain – “there’s always tomorrow.” I have a strong suspicion procrastination is also connected to fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, and feeling alone. At these times, deciding what to do can seem like a huge mountain to climb. You can overcome procrastination by taking some steps to learn the essentials of decision making.

How to Accomplish More in Less Time

For you to accomplish more in your life, and for you to reach the high level you want to be at, it is vital that you take productive and effective action every day. Determination and perseverance play an integral part of the success game. And for you to be determined to realise your goals and dreams, you will need to have hard-wearing motivation that is robust enough to carry you through that journey to attainment.

Stop Procrastination and Take Action

Do you have a habit of putting of things and doing them later? How about always thinking of having tomorrow to do your tasks for today? Chances are that you have a procrastinating habit which can turn into a downward spiraling journey in your life. Start taking action to change your life for the better!

How To Create the Life You Want

You want to know what I think? I think too many of you are trying too hard, doing too much and not achieving what you really want anyway. You are not achieving because there are too many things in the way: unnecessary obligations at work, at home, with friends. You can burn out by trying too hard to hold on to too much information. You alter the way you live your life to accommodate others’ needs before your own. Holding on too hard will wear you out. In order to live your life instead of someone else’s you have to reinvent the way you live it. You can reinvent your life. You can transform your life from what you have been to what you desire. Transformation will allow you to be who you want to be.

What’s Stopping You?

Held captive, in bondage, wrapped in chains, chains around our eyes, chains around our mouth, chains around our ears, our neck, our arms, our legs, our feet-chains wrapped around our entire being. We live like this every second of every day, teaching our children to have reasons instead of results.

4 “No Fail” Motivation Strategies

It doesn’t cost a fortune to motivate team members. In fact, by using these 4 “No Fail” strategies you not only motivate team members, you also empower them to surpass goals and build long lasting bonds.

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