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Unending Long Term Motivation

Staying motivated is one of the hardest parts of staying productive. While we sometimes are brimming with energy and excited to tackle the day’s work, more often than not we feel pretty sluggish about doing what the day demands.

How to Stay Motivated For the Long Haul

When we set goals for ourselves, the hard part isn’t usually the work involved, but the motivation to stick with it. Often we start out filled with energy and enthusiasm, only to see our productivity and mood drop dramatically as soon as we encounter our first set of problems.

Motivating With Mini Goals and Mini Rewards

There are a lot of arguments out there about how to set a goal that will keep you motivated long enough to achieve it. Oftentimes, the best method is to set a goal so large that it will provide the necessary emotional charge you’ll need to make any sort of change.

Some People Think I’m a Genius, I Think They’re an Idiot

When you meet someone really amazing at a difficult job, you just naturally think they’re really smart. Being good at one thing (your job) doesn’t make you really smart. Conversely, you don’t have to be really smart to be really good at what you do. Stop making assumptions about others. Worry about yourself.

Why Saying And Writing Affirmations Can Be Counter Productive To Motivation

This is one of many strategies, that if done incorrectly, will not only have little impact, but can actually reverse the intended effect. Why? If only done at a superficial, conscious level, its purpose is not going into your deep memory.

5 Ways to Successfully Motivate Yourself

Learning how to motivate yourself is a valuable asset that will help you reach goals that may have seem impossible in the past. Having self motivation is important since you can not always depend upon others to be there to motivate you. Read further to discover 5 simple techniques you can use when you need that extra ‘burst’ of motivation to get the job done.

How to Motivate Others

Have you ever experienced going to the office very happy yet losing your good mood because someone there is experiencing a bad hair day? One’s mood is easily affected by someone else’s behavior. However happy you are, when you see someone who is being negative, you will likely get affected in the same way that if you are not in a very good mood, somebody with a happy disposition can also perk you up.

How to Get Motivated – 3 Tips to Get You Going

Most people have somebody they idolize. Some people look up to others who are talented. Others look up to people because they are beautiful.

How to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination leads to a loss of time and opportunities. Learning how to beat procrastination will only help you maximize on opportunity and make money. This article gives you tips on how to beat procrastination and be on the way to success.

How Does Inspiration Help With Motivation?

There is a difference between being inspired to motivation, and using mental reasoning, logic, and self knowledge. The former has an element of creativity, whereas thinking that you have all the knowledge needed to get motivated on a project, has an element of potential boredom and fatigue. We are assuming that you have already set your goals or desired outcomes, so goal setting is not the issue.

Accepting the Change Your Dream Will Require

They say, “Be careful what you pray for.” Why? Because often we are unwilling to pay the price for what we say we want? Many times I have prayed for; begged for; bargained with God for the desires of my heart and when I finally got them-I was still unhappy. In some cases, I was absolutely miserable. I wasn’t prepared for the price I had to pay, or the changes I had to make to sustain my dream. I was quite comfortable doing things the way I’d always been doing them.

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out – Motivational Tips to Get You Off the Couch and to the Gym!

Do you want to get motivated to work out? Do you want to improve your body – and your life? Use these proven tips to get motivated to workout today.

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