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How to Become a Successful MC

How to become a successful MC? Many people are struggling nowadays to reach success, and most of them fail. Why? Read this article and stop being broke.

How I Attracted the Car of My Dreams

Looking to have the Law of Attraction on your side? You are definitely not the only one. People everywhere are looking for the most effective and quickest way to get the things they want in life and they believe that the Law of Attraction is that way.

Why Doctors Need More Balance in Their Lives

Years ago when doctors worked for more than a hundred hours a week they expected to sleep, eat and breathe medicine. They had little expectation of any life beyond the wards, the operating theatre and the clinics.

Motivation – Academic Success – 3 Pillars to Support Success

This article is an adaptation of the work of William Clement Stone’s “The Success System That Never Fails”. The three central themes in the article ‘Inspiration to Action’, Knowledge’ and ‘Know-How’ are transformed into 3 Pillars that will help support and act as a foundation for your academic success.

Motivate Your Partner

Before you motivate your partner, understand the true meaning of MOTIVATION itself. The inner power or energy as you may so call it, which propels you to act and achieve towards your goals. Often, an individual has the desire to achieve a certain goal, but lacks the push.

Your Own Business – Me Inc

Do you know that each one of us owns our own business? Each of us is a CEO, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, and Technical Manager and more. The Business is called Me Inc, and the sooner you get to realize that it’s actually the only business you truly own, the easier and more productive your life becomes.

Create, Don’t Compete

One of the biggest roadblocks to achieving our dreams and doing what we truly want is the tendency to think competitively rather than creatively. We have the power to create the exact lives we desire and the only thing that will stand in our way is our own limiting beliefs, not what anyone else is doing. If you desire to open a business or go into a certain line of work, do not worry how many other people are doing the same thing and how you will need to go up against them.

3 Powerful Strategies to Stay Motivated All the Time

Do you want to learn how you can stay motivated and get things done all the time? If you do, this will be the perfect article for you. You are about to discover the 3 powerful strategies how you can stay motivated all the time without fail.

How to Create Motivation and Stay Motivated All the Time

Do you want to know the secret to success? The secret to success is to create motivation and stay motivated all the time. Think about it, everyone wants to be successful, but only those who are able to stay motivated and take action are those who are truly successful.

NLP – What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming has been developed through studies of those people who are successful in their lives. They are successful because they have learnt through training or ‘Programming’ their minds (the ‘Neuro’ part) to respond to language use (the ‘Linguistic’ bit).

Want Some Inspiration? Go For a Walk!

I was feeling very sluggish today… bored with everything pretty much. It’s cold, grey and Monday… my body is feeling so blobby from lack of exercise and I am about as unmotivated as you can get… actually I just want to scream! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Ever felt like that?

Getting Unstuck by Eliminating Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed? Too much to do and not enough time? Too many pressures on you? Does everyone want something from you – feeling like a piece of Swiss cheese? All of these situations lead to a state coaches call overwhelm.

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