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Addicted to “Others”

We have made ourselves emotionally dependent on each other and what you really should do, is ask yourself- “Who am I really, separated and disconnected from other people?”

Against All Odds

The paths to our goals and dreams are inevitably filled with challenges and obstacles which at times seem overwhelming, even insurmountable. It is important to always remember that success is ultimately achievable despite the odds.

Simplified Work – Making Your Best Contribution

What’s important is that we each make the best contribution we can. Ask yourself this: Are you currently making the best contribution you’re capable of making? If the answer is clearly no, then there’s no point in continuing on your current path, is there? Common sense suggests that if you know you’re on the wrong path, you should stop walking. The longer you stay on the wrong path, the worse things are for all of us.

Two Heads are Better Than One!

Two heads are better than one. Three heads are better than two, except when they are arguing. Do not go it alone. Ask for help. One of the seven deadliest sins is pride. I would rather do it myself. Success is a team effort. When someone gets the academy award they start thanking all the people that contributed to the winning of the award. One person gets the award and all of them get the cash. If no one cares who get the credit as long as everyone gets the cash, two or more ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

3 Keys To Help You Live Your Life To Its Fullest

Living your life to its fullest will be much easier if you follow these 3 simple keys.

Avoiding The Holes

This article discusses the importance staying positive in the face of life’s day to day challenges. This article also suggest some ways that might will help to keep us on the positive track.

It is Because of Your Expectations!

It was dark and he was riding down the street when a big German Shepard came running out from the side yard of a home. He started pedaling as fast as he could. The dog chases him for a long distance. Paul said that he did not stop until he arrived home. He told Norma, I do not know where the energy came from. I did not think I would make it one more block, must less four miles.

Life After – The Secret – Easy Living in 3 Simple Steps

Want to become part of something that is sweeping the world with inspiration? No doubt you’ve seen The Secret DVD or saw it aired on Oprah. What about living life after The Secret, here are 3 simple steps.

The Second Decision For Success – I Will Seek Wisdom

Andy Andrews teaches us a lesson in understanding wisdom and knowledge when it comes to business.

A Mildy Amusing Story About Fear

A certain level of fear is healthy (smart even) but a life limited, or even controlled by fear is tragic… and too many (lives) are.

A Simple Secret to Help You Reach Your Dreams

I’ve some to realize that we adults are not much different than babies. We sit there and look at our dreams and then say, “Oh no, not me. It will never happen. I will never have a successful profession. I will never have a fulfilling relationship with the person of my dreams. I just can’t. It won’t happen.”

Self-Respect and Responsibility

Often we have the feeling that we need to put a lot of compulsion to get something done in life. Many people think that they have to make many demands. Our ego is a very good manipulator and knows many tricks to get things done the way it likes things done.

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