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Suffering From Low Motivation and Confidence? Try This

Do you ever get days when it is just difficult to get started and stir yourself and even the simplest of tasks through your lack of motivation and confidence. I have two bits of news for you – you are not alone and it is easy to overcome this feeling of lack of motivation and self confidence.

Motivation – Where Does it Come From?

When is the last time your alarm clock went off and your first thought of the day was a negative one? Were you tempted to hit “snooze” and roll over, dreading to face the day? I have a solution for you. People always ask me “How do you have so much energy?” and “Where do you get your motivation to work out?” My answer? My positive mindset. My mindset gives me energy; my energy improves my mindset. It’s a continuous cycle that brings nothing but good things.

Winners Think Differently

The old way is how 97% of the population sees things. I need to have enough money in order to do what needs to be done so that I can be the person I want to be. Well, how much is enough? How do you know what to do? What kind of person will you finally become?

We Can All Make a Difference

A wise person is he who does not spew reproachful recriminations about something they cannot fully fathom. Whether you were a pop fun or not the exploits of Michael Jackson were something that could only be described as mind blowing. I haven’t been a fan of Michael Jackson but his impact and contribution to the world only requires an obnoxious frame of mind to try and play down.

The Power to Do

May I submit that happiness and success in life are built by taking things in our lives that we know are beneficial and making them easy to do. Sure, they may not be easy at first, but as the quote says, with persistence, they become easy.

Maintaining Motivation

Motivation is the key to success in life. What is motivation? Motivation is the inner desire to perform an action. This action can be anything. Like you are motivated to donate to charity after listening to a speech or reading something.

Motivation – Are You Living in the Past?

Living in the past can destroy your motivation. Discover how you can change your focus to get more motivation and achieve more than you thought possible.

What Motivational Speakers Can’t Do

Listening to a speech from motivational speakers can either be the best thing that will happen to you or it can be a total waste of your time. This article will tell you what these speakers can and can’t do. Hopefully, after reading this, the next time you listen to a motivational speech, you will do so with a completely different mindset.

How to Increase Motivation and Break Out of a Plateau

A lot of advice on how to increase motivation is floating around the web. Whenever in your journey, you hit a plateau, and you need to stretch yourself to get out of it, you will require some serious motivation to do it. And here are a couple of ways to do that:

Motivated to Be Positive?

Being positive dose more than keep your motivation strong. Studies have also shown some great health benefits which by themselves may keep you motivated to be positive.

Your Millionaire Mindset – What Slavery Does to a Mindset

What does the word slavery bring to your mind? There are some very obvious examples, but have you been harnessed to more subtle and insidious yokes? I think many people work because they feel there is no other choice. They’re stuck in jobs they hate so they can go into bigger and bigger debt to buy things they don’t need.

Your Comfort Zone – Aka the Dream Killer

Are you doing things on a daily basis that cause you discomfort? I’m not talking about real pain, just things that make you try harder, break through fear barriers, and in general cause you mental distress. If not, then you aren’t growing as a person – and probably never will! Ouch, what a slapshot, sorry about that. But it’s true! Read on…it gets worse.

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