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Being Aware of Yourself Helps You Set The Directon For Your Life

Given the many responsibilities that a person has to face in this life, together with the deadly deadlines and endless barrage of pressures, people tend to forget what truly matters for them. They barely have time to pause, albeit for a while, and think of what truly matters. At the end of the day, when the silence creeps in, people could no longer avoid the nagging questions in their minds.

Weight Loss Motivation Friendships – 10 Tips to Find the Best People

Weight Loss Motivation can come from the friendships you nurture in your life. Are you nurturing the right ones – the ones that charge your motivation batteries? Do you know what you are looking for in a friendship that will enhance your motivation? There are 10 key points to watch for if you want the love and support you deserve.

How to Pursue Your Purpose in Life

Everybody longs for a purpose in this life. Philosophers have brainstormed on the meaning of life and have arrived at different answers. Good people love to do good deeds and help others in need.

Transform Your Life With Intuitive Tips For A Great New Year

Live each day as if it was your last. This doesn’t mean you need to start bungee jumping off of cliffs or parachuting out of perfectly good airplanes, but it does mean that you need to awaken yourself to the potential around you in a positive new light. Love a little more. Give a little more. Dare to dream; and dare to challenge yourself to follow through on your dreams.

It’s About Time – Urgent vs Important

We’ve all been there: a cell phone ringing in the middle of dinner, a late night work e-mail entitled “emergency” or a special request from a friend that requires “immediate attention”.It’s easy to get caught up in reacting to the moment when we’re constantly bombarded with one more thing to do. So, how do we get unstuck, move past overwhelm to make room for what fulfills us?

How To Get Ahead In Your Life In 5 Easy Steps

Many people find it difficult to focus on the things that they need to get done, and many others get started on a task or project and quit before its completion. For you to get ahead in your life and to accomplish more to get closer to achieving your desires and dreams, you will need to overcome the obstacle that stands in your way; namely procrastination – continually putting things off, dragging projects from one day to the next, postponing things that ought to be done to feeling like a loser. That’s procrastination.

Is Your Life A Comedy?

Somebody recently asked me if I was to describe my life as a genre what would I say? Would it be a comedy, a grand drama perhaps, a coffee table book or..

What Is Duality Of The Soul

For everything in life there is a duality at work. For positive, there is negative. For summer, there is winter. For light, there is dark. For good, there is evil. For health, there is illness. You get the idea. You could even take the thought, for a moment, that there is a constant battle going on between opposites. This is similar, to the polarity of magnetism. Some things attract and others repel.

What You Neglect Is What You Regret

I like to be positive most of the time, and in that vein today I would like to talk to you about something that will make all the difference. Let’s discuss neglect.

Bad Habits – A Simple Technique That Can Help You Retrain Them

Removing a bad habit is incredibly hard, but replacing a bad habit with a good habit is surprisingly easy. I mean, if you simply tell yourself to not do something, you’ll baulk. You needs to do something, and being told to do nothing creates a void. But if you give yourself an alternative action each time a habit wants to take over, then it’s just a matter of time before that new action becomes the new habit…

What’s Your Dream?

Dreams are not reserved for super-achievers or those who have plenty of money and time to pursue them. Everyone has a dream. How can you tell? Listen to you heart – it’s there. It’s speaking to you all the time. It wants you to make It come true! You know they are real when they won’t go away, won’t stop speaking to your Heart, when you ache to make them come true.

The Fuel of Motivation

Are you setting goals and missing them? Have you lost the motivation you need to stay focused? What does it take to keep you motivated, especially when you want to quit?

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