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Having a Healthy Sense of Humor Can Add Years to Your Life

Given the challenging economic times we are in, take some time out of your schedule to laugh. The benefits of laughter go far beyond the present, in fact it extends your future.

Follow Your Bliss Without Going Over the Edge

When we follow our bliss, we’re told, success and happiness naturally follow. So how do we follow our bliss when we’re stuck behind a desk, chained by the need for job security, benefits, and a steady paycheck? One way to start is to change our thinking from, “I can’t do that,” to, “What can I do?” It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. When a complete life overhaul isn’t practical, finding opportunities in our current situation can let us follow our bliss without following it right off the edge into financial disaster.

New Years Resolutions – Create a New Year’s Fortitude

Everyone is always talking about New Years Resolutions. But when you go and look up the definition of resolution in Webster’s Dictionary, one of the top findings defines resolution as reduction to a simpler form; conversion. Isn’t it amazing that most people believe that setting a resolution is something that is going to sit them up for increase and change?

The Power to Change Yourself

You are not going to be successful in any area of change if you remain ignorant, you have to deepen your knowledge base. That’s why this blog is so important! That’s why your personal growth and self-development is so important! So many people what to change their lives, but yet, they are not willing to change themselves. I believe the reason why people don’t want to change is that they are afraid. Change produces something different, something new, something unknown. People also don’t want to change because they don’t understand change! In this article, I will discuss how to change yourself and the power you possess to do so!

Mentors & Partnerships – The Key For Learning About Success

The article “Mentors & Partnerships,” is about the role mentors play in the success of other individuals. Based on a mentors success in life, as well as previous experiences and achievements, a good mentor can have a positive influence in the life of another individual.

An Ode to Relentless Persistence – Oh Yes We Can

Barack Obama is a walking, talking, and living example of relentless persistence, of beating all odds, and of practicing his mantra YES WE CAN. In this article you can learn how it all came about.

Limping Toward Brain Fray

In the USA we have a lot of troubles right here at home that need new solutions and around the globe a lot of goodwill to pursue. We are adrift in the Titanic. It’s going to take more than fuel efficient cars to turn our mess around and I am more convinced than ever that putting on our thinking caps alone is like giving an ass a cigar. It only makes him look smart! We must consider the substance underneath our thinking caps – our brains! Then and only then, will the vacuum of fresh,workable and solvent solutions be spawned by a people who, at this point in history, are still struggling to solve modern issues with a prehistoric, bicameral brain!

Grow Gills – The Power of Learning to Adapt

Often we feel we can barely keep our heads above water. If that’s the case for you, grow gills or in other words, adapt. With a little personal tweaking, we can often remove a lot of the anxiety causing challenges we face by making some simple changes. Adapting isn’t painless, but it’s well worth it.

How Big is Your “Why”?

Why you want financial freedom is more important than how to achieve it. Envision your dreams in order to reach your goals.

How to Increase Motivation Through Clear Purpose

Once you find a motivating purpose, you’ll likely be astonished at how quickly you’re able to make needed personal change. Like your favorite super hero, you’ll be super powered by purpose to do great things!

Mindhacks – 5 Ways to Increase Creativity, Productivity and Intelligence

A muddled brain does not produce as well as one that is clear and ready for concise thoughts and ideas. If you are suffering from a foggy head, see the 5 easy ways to clear it up.

The Hardest Part of Getting Things Done

Have you ever noticed that the hardest part of getting things done is starting them in the first place? Here are some tips on how you can become an eternal spring of self-motivation.

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