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What Hope Do We Have To Quit Bad Habits Unless We Start Good Ones

With a few days under our belts into another new year, I have been pondering over the whole thing of making resolutions. I suppose with a whole new and fresh year ahead of us, we imagine that the slate can be wiped clean, as if the old habits of yesteryear can be magically wiped away. Then with the snap of a finger, we can put ourselves into a new mental outlook in which to clean ourselves up. Whatever we failed to do last year, we now have another new year to do it right. But when I think about the absurdity to this kind of thinking, it’s no wonder we will never stick to our good intentions. The truth is, we can’t do it by ourselves, we need help… alot of help. I got to thinking about this according to what God’s Word says. Unless we first are humbled to admit that we need help from our heavenly Father, what hope do we as humans have to ever think we can accomplish anything on our own? In other words, no matter how badly we want to quit a bad habit, we will not succeed unless we begin a good one. That would be going to the Father for help and asking Him to lead the way to victory. Without Him, we can do nothing, but in Christ, we can do all things!

No More Resolutions: How to Ensure Your Goals Are Met in the New Year

How to ensure that your New Year’s Resolutions will be kept this new year.

Craig Goes to Blogger Kindergarten

Sometimes the best opportunities and lessons come from the least likely places.

Persistence – It Pays

I learned a lot those three days and the weeks that followed. First of all, I learned that being a janitor wasn’t what I wanted to do and secondly but more important, I learned that determination and persistence – pays!

Life Changing Moments

I would urge you to understand the critical importance of each of the momentary events that has or will impact your future. They each bring with them a series of new consequences, challenges, opportunities, and decisions.

New Year – New Life? The Recipe For True Motivation

The approach of the New Year is for many of us a reason for a resolution to change something in our lives. If you look in a women’s or health magazine, or in the adverts in the media or on the web, there are resolutions everywhere: improve your image, lose weight, improve your diet, stop smoking, go to the gym, start a new hobby, learn a new language, etc. But if we want to keep our resolutions, we need to make them smartly.

A Few Things To Consider As You Begin The New Year

What consequences are you paying today as a result of past choices? If you could go back in time with what you know now, would you have made different choices? If so what would you have wanted the new outcome to be? It is interesting to note that people who are happy understand that they made the best choices they could at the time, with the information, experience and insight that was available to them. When asked, ‘if you could live your life over, what would you do differently?’ The response is almost always, ‘nothing’.

Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Many people today struggle with the need to know what will happen tomorrow, next week or this year. Some have the need to manipulate tomorrow or to have life be ‘in order’ or ‘certain.’ I can only tell you that one philosophy which has served me well all these years is: learn to embrace the unexpected and release the expected.

Bad Decisions That Turn Out Right

Would you have ever guessed that a bad decision that you made and you knew it was wrong or bad when you made it, would have ever turned out so right?

Just Because It Feels Right May Not Be Enough

Just because a decision feels right doesn’t make it right for either the short or long term. Just because a choice feels wrong doesn’t make it wrong again for the long or short term.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Have you ever experienced a “brain blackout” where your brain temporarily became incapable of churning productive thoughts? Have you ever felt that you just could not think anymore, even though you knew that you needed to get answers urgently?

What Else Can You Do With Your Life?

As you sit daydreaming in your dead end job…what thoughts cross your mind? As you watch others around you advance and progress towards more fulfilling and rewarding things…what thoughts cross your mind?

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