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What is Motivation?

Motivation is the characteristic that helps you achieve your goal. It is the drive that pushes you to work hard and reach whatever it is that you are after. It is the energy that gives you the strength to get up and keep going – even when things are not going your way.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life and Pursue Your Goals?

It is easy to lose yourself and your dreams during bleak economic times such as these. Each day the news gives us plenty of reasons to dread the future instead of pursuing our dreams. I believe that this is no way to live, I teach tactics for improving your life in challenging times. In addition, to pursue your dreams NOW. I believe in the ultimate human desire to succeed, and to be prosperous in every aspect of your life.

Motivation Advice – A Simple Approach to Getting Motivated

Motivation is what drives us to reach a goal. The motivation force can be either positive or negative. But once it becomes personal, it is more likely to result in a favorable outcome.

New Beginnings, It’s Your Time

The arrival of each new season is a special time, full of the potential for growth, the opportunity to sow or the ability to harvest. Are you stuck in the time to weep, when now it’s the time to laugh? Push past your blockages and step into the new season of your life.

A Bolt of Lightning

This past week saw a truly amazing world record being made. Not for nothing is the man who made it known as “Lightning Bolt”. Usain Bolt – a Jamaican athlete ran the 100 metre sprint in less than 10 seconds – 9.58 to be exact! For those wondering just how fast this is, take a 1 Metre ruler, and lay it out 10 times. Look at the distance, and then consider traversing this distance in… less than 1 second! Perhaps only the speed of a lightning bolt can make it.

Inspirational and Motivational

People would definitely agree that at least once in their lives, they have felt what its like to be down or empty. This might be caused by the loss of a loved one, a tragedy, or simply from too much stress from the people and events around them.

Make Your Decisions Quickly

How quickly do you make decisions? How do you make them? We have the opportunity to make hundreds of decisions every day. Decisiveness or lack of it impacts the success of every area of your life – your business, relationships, creativity, health and finances.

Troubled by Confusion? The Trick Is “Just Start!”

Confusing systems don’t just reside in the working environment–we have them at home too. Every couple has their systems ‘of work’ that help them operate the family in a way that’s palatable to all. Problems can be fixed very easily…

Handling Life’s Little Surprises With Aplomb!

A “helicoptor” metaphor: We never really know when we’ll be affected by ‘dirty air’ or turbulence. We can only hope that our responses to the situations of life will be acceptable and appropriate.

Staying the Course

One of the hardest and most frustrating decisions in my life has been the ability to continue on with the execution of carefully drawn plans leading to a reasonable goal. Recently I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after discovering a slight tremor in my hand approximately five years ago. I do not take any medications and have been able to hold the disease in check by following a rigid diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Get a Life – How to Get Off the Computer and Into Your Community

All work and no play makes you boring. One of the biggest mistakes online business owners make is spending too much time online and not enough time in the real world.

The Path to Success Has Many Crossroads

How do you expect to succeed if you don’t take that first step? Read on for some practical tips on finding your way toward the success you dream of.

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