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How Do You Choose To Deal With Your Life

It is not what happens to us in our lives that is important, but how we choose to deal with it. ‘Stuff happens,’ as the saying goes. So what do you do about it?

Are You Doing What You Love

Busy, busy, busy! Does busyness equal happiness for you or are you looking for something more? Here are some suggestions how to gain enjoyment from what you do-

It’s Time To Clear Out – Clutter Busting For Every Aspect Of Your Life

The weather is warmer, the days are longer and the house, office and our bodies look a mess. It’s time to clear out!

What Do You Believe

Are the beliefs that you have serving you or causing you distress? Have you actually thought about where they come from and if they are true? Is it time to examine your beliefs about yourself and others and discard some of them?


It’s Spring! It’s time to throw off those Winter blues and welcome in the warm weather with gusto!

Have You Said ‘Thank You’ Today?

How much time do you spend each day moaning and complaining about all the things going wrong or that are bad about your life? Isn’t it time you changed your attitude and the quality of your life by looking for the good things, not the bad? Read on…

Sow the Seed – See the Harvest

How often do we plant the seed of a beautiful dream in the fertile soil of our minds, and then dig it up? What could you achieve if you allowed your seed to grow, continuing to focus your spiritual eyes on the harvest?

Success Secrets – Achieving Ultimate Success

I hope you’re having an AWESOME week! Let me first say that Lou & I really enjoy getting all the feedback and suggestions from you. It’s fantastic stuff. Onward… Last night I was cleaning up my office, and going through some notes I had taken when I met with my business mentor in New York last week, and I came across a powerful quote…

I’ll Do It In A Minute… Or Maybe I Won’t

Do you suffer from distractability? Do you put off starting things? This piece on procrastination is just for you!

JJK’s First Six Secrets to Becoming a Successful, Creative Entrepreneur!

As many of you may know I have 24 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Creative EntrepreneurTM. In this article I am going to share with you my first SIX SECRETS… but let’s start with the thought for the day: Your determination and desire to succeed and be a winner will take you far, even though sometimes events may be moving a little slower than you wish. Even if you don’t see instant results today, don’t ever give up! Remember it’s the journey, the creative evolution that matters! And you are planting the seeds for future success today! JJK

Ask Your Question – Get What You Desire

There is a special type of question that can transform the quality of your life. Discover how you can begin asking the right questions to get just what you desire…

Optimistic Vs Pessimistic

Studies have shown that on average an optimist will have a longer, healthier and a more fulfilled life then a pessimist. In 1980 a study was carried out which monitored 122 men who had a heart attack. After eight years, 21 of the 25 most pessimistic patients had died. But only 6 of the optimistic ones had died.

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