THIS IS YOUR YEAR | 2022 New Year Motivational Speeches Compilation

You Can Overcome Adversity

How you handle adversity determines if your life will mover forward or not. Adversity is the yardstick that measures both resolve and endurance

The Pursuit of Greatness

Live life to the fullest and achieve your greatness.

Moulding the Life You Love

This article is about making life better, one little moment after another.

The Benefit of Reading Books

Reading books is a great way to tap into the knowledge and experience of those who are willing to share what they know. Could you imagine a world without books? Reading expands up our awareness and challenges us to either agree or disagree with what the author is conveying. Reading books can cause phenomenal changes to a person’s life.

What is Self Improvement?

Self improvement is part of the journey we all go through to discover our true self. It is a never ending journey that will allow us to continuously raise our standards and have a greater quality of life. The journey of self improvement makes us be the best we can be.

Raising Your Standards in Life

Your standards in life is determined by the people you surround yourself with. If you have people who are motivated, have drive and passion, then you are likely to be on the same high vibration as them whereas if those around you complain about how bad things are or how bad their lives are, then you will be dragged down to their lower vibration. Raising our standards in life is one of our fundamental responsibilities.

It is Not Okay to Only Go Half Way!

Most people are happy just getting by and putting in enough effort to make a decent showing. Many folks just grace us with their presence and put in their time at work and go home without ever giving much effort.

Just Getting By and Plugging Along is Not Enough to Win!

Weakness is not really a natural human trait of the species in fact had your ancestors been weak they would have been eaten by the proverbial Saber Tooth Tiger and therefore you would not be here today. Just so everyone is on the same page let it be known here and now that just getting by or just plugging away into your old age is not to be honored or admired. If something is worth doing; it is worth doing well and it is worth doing now.

Motivation to Enter the War Zone

Clint Eastwood recently produced two films about the second world war, one from the viewpoint of the American soldiers (Flag of our fathers) and the other – letters from Iwo Jima, from the side of the Japanese soldiers… one very interesting motivator … showed up in the comments about this film.

Are You a Terrorist, Change Maker or Revolutionary?

Most folks do not wish to be called terrorists when they are the ones to bring about change. The word seems to have very negative connotations. Sure it would be nice to use another word than terrorist, but those who are in the Status Quo do not want change so from their perception many of them might consider you a terrorist if you are a the one who proposes change. That is what the King of England thought of Thomas Jefferson and the group of Founding Fathers in the US of course; he thought they were terrorists.

10 Helpful Tips To Motivate Yourself

You can change your state and feel motivated any time you want including now! Be motivated, be empowered!

Short Sleeves Insights- Green And Blue Make Turquoise!

“There is no greater illusion than fear, no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself, no greater misfortune than having an enemy. Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.” The immortal words of Lao-tzu, who wrote the “TaoTe Ching”, which means the book of the way, perfectly captures our need for change.

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