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Patience – Or Actually Just Messing About Wasting Time

So today you get the article about patience that I was trying to write about last time. There is a HUGE difference between these two scenarios. I think that all too often we think we are being patient with regards to an outcome we want, or a goal we are working towards, when all we are really doing is wasting time and space by not doing anything. We can lull ourselves into the sense of false security that the time is not right, when in actual fact we are conning ourselves and letting ourselves easily off the hook.

3 Quotes About Starting Over – At 30 And Beyond

Quotes about starting over can be found in great abundance. Whether it’s going through a divorce and starting over at 30 emotionally, socially, financially or all, there are quotes that can be inspiring or hit too close to home, depending on your situation. But either way, quotes about starting over can be used in a positive manner and guide us to consider their advice.

Stay Motivated When Life Is Against You

Life is a game of ups and downs. It’s not possible for any person to have just ups all the time. There are so many times when life gives you lemons. But you know what they say- when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I know it’s easier said than done, but you need to stay motivated. It is easy to stay down, sad and gloomy and to drown in insecurity or self-pity, but it will lead you into giving up and performing your worst.

Steps to Recovering From Pastoral Failures

The remedies for clergy and ministers who perform below their best are simple. This series of six articles and an introduction explains common and significant factors of negativity which can be reversed speedily. Suggestions are made for self-improvement and finding the right help to get moving again.

Ever Felt Discouraged Or Looked Down Upon? You Are Somebody Take Control Of Your Life

Many people have ended up being failures because they were discouraged,felt they were not good enough but still you have no reason to end up a failure. You choose the path you want to lead and no matter what people say,how stupid the think your ideas are,keep moving as they talk.

Seven Ways to Help You Get Unstuck and Moving Forward!

Ever feel stuck in place in your work (or life)? Do you long for something better, but either don’t have a clear picture what you want to accomplish or are afraid to leave a “safe” place you know to explore and face the unknown? If so, you are not alone. Most people fear making a major life/work change, even one they might view as being positive!

Internal Motivation Is the Secret of Success

There is no doubt about the fact that you are your own best critic. You are the best judge of your strengths and weaknesses and can best assume and decide what is best for you and what is not. Nobody can bring about a change in your life, until and unless you decide to change yourself on your own.

3 Signs That You Hate Your Career or Business

This article shows the simple signs that you absolutely hate what you are doing. It gives obvious signs that it’s time for you to shift.

Before Starting a Weight Training or Fitness Program – Read This!

Before you rush out and buy a set of weights and start a new weights training or fitness program take the time and read this article, it could be the difference between a long term love affair or a one night stand, with your fitness. How many people do we hear say ‘I just joined the gym’, ‘I started aerobics classes’, I bought myself a gym set’, etc etc. Six weeks later you hear the excuses flooding in, I couldn’t find the time’, ‘I pulled a hammy’, ‘My cat got sick’ etc.

Tips to Make Your Online Job Application Powerful

In today’s market, most employers searching for potential candidates will use online job boards, create online sourcing efforts and post job ads – all online. Gone is the traditional newspaper search on Sunday mornings, sitting at your dining room table with a cup of coffee and combing through the want ads.

How Do I Stop Being So Lazy?

Learn to stop being lazy and stop procrastination. The keywords to stop being lazy is settings goals, managing time and self reflection.

I Want To

I Want To. I hate those words! I know! Hate is a strong word! And I am sure you are wondering why do I feel so strongly about three teeny tiny words. Actually – I don’t have a problem with the word ‘I’ and the word ‘to’. Just a problem with the word ‘want’. I hear the word ‘want’ a lot: I want to ride; I want to lose weight; I want to compete; I want to be better; I want to get up early…

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