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Boost Up Your Inner Power

Ever starting something new with a lot of interest and then gradually lost it as you shifted your concentration to other things? It’s possibly because either your initial enthusiasm wasn’t strong enough or you weren’t constantly motivated.

What is Truth to You?

Truth, what is truth? Your truth? Mine? And what makes anything true or not true?

Conscious Shifting

In these constantly and rapidly shifting times on Earth, we are needing a new perspective in order to live a more conscious and empowered life. The transitions are supporting many changes in a positive direction of sustainability, co-creating, and more harmonious ways of working, sharing, and living cohesively together. With acceleration there is no longer a need to worry about how to manifest and if we will manifest, but simply to choose what honors us and having the discernment with what we intend, since we can now create anything we desire. Conscious choices are increasingly more important and the need to have gratitude and take stock of each moment and all we’ve accomplished, as these moments will never be again.

Sources of Motivation

Where the Motivation comes from? What are Motivation enablers? What are Motivation blockers?

There’s Nothing Simple About My Fear of Driving!

Have you ever tried to talk with a friend or family member about your fear of driving? “Just do it” or “Get over it” is a common response I received. Well getting over the fear of driving isn’t that simple. What most people don’t understand is that it is an actual Phobia and as we know phobia aren’t something that we “just get over”. But when it comes to the fear of driving there is a solution….

Learn to Relax – First Step to Getting Over Your Fear of Driving

The fear of driving can prevent one from experiencing many of life’s joys and adventures. Overcoming this fear is a rewarding experience that truly cannot be summed up with words. One major cause of anxiety while driving is stress. Learning to reduce stress behind the wheel is the first step to getting over your fear of driving.

Mind Movies Can Transform Your Life

Do you want to transform your life? Banish depression, anxiety, and crippling fear forever. Embrace optimum health, energy, and vitality.

3 Steps to Transformation

Make changes NOW! 3 steps to the life you dream of! Turn your dreams into reality! Get Motivated!

Turning Procrastination Into Motivation

Lets start by defining procrastination, using the old adage, this is simply the putting off until tomorrow what can be done today. The problem with this is that we are not doing what we should need or want to but are deferring these things and wasting our time, on what to us less meaningful pastimes.

Don’t Think About Pink Elephants

A practical article to help readers gain an understand of how the mind works and how it processes thought – both negative and positive. Paul McKenna has said “The mind does not process negation.” This article explains and elaborates on what he means by this unusual statement.

3 Tips For Building Self Esteem

If marketers are to be believed, then building your self esteem is an outside job – but it’s not and I[m going to tell you why, and give you 3 powerful tips to solve your confidence problems. So, you buy expensive and fashionable clothes, the right make-up and perfume, you live at the right address, drive a nice car and hang out with the right people. Oh and let’s not forget you have the right size and body shape.

Self Motivation – 10 Ways to Find Your Motivation and How to Use it to Drive You Towards Success

Self motivation is critical for success in any field of endeavor, yet most people struggle to find it, or struggle to maintain it. These 10 tips will show you simple, practical, ways to overcome the blocks that are limiting your achievements.

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