This Scientist Breaks Down the PROBLEM with SCIENCE and How to FIX IT | Brian Keating

Let Your Word Stand For Something

Are you what you seem? Do you always have “well-meant” intentions that don’t go anywhere? It’s time to change that.

The Blame Game

People who give up and quit, they remain failures for the rest of their lives and they try to say that it’s somebody else’s fault and they never own up to the fact that they gave up, they quit.

Break Free

Break free from your rigid mind and you can be highly creative if you have flexible and adaptive minds. Creative people can make change easily and whereas non-creative people learn by regular practice.

Achieving Your Personal Best – Making the Leap From Good to Great

Yes, you have built a steady career, and you can track your progress with justifiable pride. Yet you feel like a sleeping giant who wants to wake up and realize your potential.

Make A Life Time Commitment!

It is a typical net working life. Make the commitment of the time to work. Decide also witch days you like to work. Keep in mind to plan. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. It is vital with the planning.

Do You Feel Stuck In Your Life?

Many of us feel stuck in life, not knowing where to go from here. This article gives some helpful ideas, and motivation to continue learning and growing.

They Actually Say It Is Not Possible!

When you are left alone in your belief, know for sure you are nearly there. Hope and trust in God! that is all you need.

When Quitting Is Not An Option, You Can Finally Make Things Work!

When quitting is NOT an option, you will finally have no reason (excuses) that what you are doing won’t work and you WILL begin to see things come through as you have always hoped, dreamed and prayed for.

Does Fear Hold You Back?

Conquer your fears and achieve the success that you deserve.

How Is Your Mental Diet?

One of the most powerful things you can do to contribute to your success is to pay attention to the things you are feeding your mind on a daily basis. The same way your body becomes fat and out of shape from a steady diet of junk food, your mind has the tendency to become flabby and less supportive of your goals if it is being fed mental junk as well.

It’s What You Are – Not What You’re Not

Your mind is always running, soaking things in like a sponge. Even when you are sleeping!

3 Keys to Dealing with Life’s Difficulties

Sometimes life can really get the best of you. You feel like you’re drowning under all the pressure. You need someone or something to breathe new life into you. Well today, I’m going to give you some CPR. I won’t let you die on me. You’ve got too much to live for and far too many blessings to grab hold of!

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