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Great Goal Setting Tips: Visualizing Your Vision

You have accomplished your major goals, now what? There is still more to life, and visualizing your vision will get you to your final frontier!

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities While You Still Can

We all face obstacles in life – in business, careers, relationships, finances and health. I believe that it is the obstacles we face and how we handle or overcome them that define our lives and success and happiness. An obstacle for one person can be an opportunity for growth for someone else. So, what’s the difference – is it the obstacle that defines us or is it the plan, discipline, courage and actions that we take that makes the difference? In all obstacles there are opportunities hidden beneath the surface.

The Power of Consistency and Persistence

How many of you can claim with absolute certainty that you have applied consistency and persistence in your daily life with some measure of success? [Cue silence] Consistency and persistence are two elusive virtues difficult to sustain if not regularly engaged. Let’s take a moment to peer through the lens of what consistency and persistence have to offer.

Never Seen Before

“Attention, attention, teachers and students”. These words were spoken by our excited Headmaster on the morning of the 20th July 1969. “Each of us today will experience History with a capital ‘H’ in the making when we witness the never seen before event of Man’s first landing on the moon. You see, on television, the greatest achievement of mankind – an achievement which comes as the result of dedication, desire, determination and damn hard work”. These words opened a speech which discussed several “never seen before” events, focusing mainly on the lunar landing and the motivation it gives the Human race to attempt never before seen events or achievements.

5 Life Lessons From A Professional Tennis Game

This is about some of the life lessons we can learn from professional athletes. Preparation, attitude, life long learning. resiliency and building on your strengths are just some of them.

Comparing Lives: Tips on How to Be Happy With Your Life and Not Comparing Yourself to Others

Focus on your life and all that you have around you, instead of being on the lookout for who has it better than you. Whether in your personal life or at work, this type of mentality will stop you from fully enjoying your life and leave you in a state of constant distraction.

Inside The Dream

The title is inspired by a book that William Styron wrote after he experienced depression on a book tour in North America. Through my own understanding, and being aware from a young age that all people were different. My parents ingrained this in me. It became kind of like a mental blueprint. My go to survival guide. I’ve had relapses. Felt that pressure, blurred lines of reality building up inside of me. But that at sometimes we all experienced crushing highs and numbing lows. Some people understood the world of addiction, others did not. Some people were sensitive, and kind individuals, but there were many who were not very educated about what mental illness was, and what it meant to be overcome by the whole aura and expression of depression. It mostly came with frustration. My personal mantra has always been to accept the things that I can’t change. It has worked wonders in my own life. It has given me leaps of faith, changed my negative attitude when I needed it the most. I’ve been highly inspired by other writers, and poets my whole life. With their own personal battles of depression. It affects both the introvert, and extrovert.

Throw Me a Rose

“Throw me a rose!” he cried. “Throw me a rose!” Who in their right mind would want a rose with its thorns thrown to him? This is a speech delivered in the final of the Rostrum Queensland Speaker of the Year Competition. The life cycle of the rose is used to examine the meaning of life and to motivate its listeners to see the positives of life. The title of the speech intrigued the writer to create an unexpected type of speech. Although it was not a winning speech, it kept the audience involved.

What Motivates You to Succeed?

Many people might volunteer ‘money’ as their primary motivator in life, but I suspect that on reflection they would discover that there are many other things that motivate them to do what they do. Let’s consider some of the factors that can influence our desire to succeed.

Three Ways To Live – The Short View, The Long View And A Better Way

Is there a better way way? Goals are important. Action is necessary. Planning is helpful. Confidence is vital. Hope is critical. Self-improvement is compulsory. Belief is essential. But in the end there are only three ways to live – the short view, the long view or a combination of both. Let me explain.

15 Ways to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Workday

I decided to write this short post for the people out there that might need a little extra motivation on some days. There are obviously thousands of different things that you can do to stay more motivated and focused on your work so I narrowed the list down to my favorite 15 for you all..

Everyone Has One

“Everyone Has One” was originally a motivational speech delivered in a competition in Rostrum, a public speaking organisation. It highlighted people who have recognised that an opportunity existed and made use of it to create a successful life. Colonel Sanders of KFC fame made over 1000 calls as an out of work 60 year old before he persuaded someone to try his recipe. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and no one believed in his idea BUT he persisted. Disneyland is a monument to that perseverance. Other examples are included to make the point “Everyone has one”. Sporting examples are discussed as well.

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