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The Purpose Of Purpose

You would be amazed at how many people live each day without any sense of purpose or meaning – they just go from day to day, same stuff different day – same routines, same outcomes and same activities. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with routine, but the question is – are your routines leading you to greater happiness, success, contentment and results?

Looking Back – Would You Have Done Things Differently?

If you could go back in time – kind of like the plot in “Back to the Future” what would you change knowing what you know now or having full awareness of what you have learned and experienced during the years up to this point? Made some mistakes you would like to correct? Had some failures you would have liked to avoid?

Resistance Is A Major Contributor To A Lack Of Success And Happiness

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase – what you resist persists. Exactly what does this mean and how does it impact the quality of our future and life in general? Resistance – something that is a source of opposition to the flow of energy.

The Value Of Self-Discipline

If you want to be good at any career it takes self-discipline to establish good work habits, to push yourself to continually learn, to get outside your comfort zone and to not be distracted from your goal. Almost anything that you can do to better yourself or to improve your life requires some self-discipline. It may be old fashioned, it may be tough but I believe that someone who has self-discipline is a long way down the road to success… because they can achieve anything!

Motivation in the Workplace – How to Encourage Greater Success

Lack of motivation in the workplace can cause a quick downgrade in overall creativity, business profits, employee morale, and worker success. To improve motivation in the workplace there are a few simple concepts one should adopt. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, this article will show you how you can increase motivation in the workplace and encourage greater success on all levels.

5 Tips for Finding Peace

Here are the five tools and tricks you can use in finding peace, and maintaining your level of inner peace, even when things seem to be falling apart. You can use this to your advantage.

Has Negativity Hijacked Your Autonomy To Live Life?

We all want to be free and unencumbered,but it doesn’t necessarily happen that way.You are mired in your internal sea of swelling and crashing tides.Tides of capricious tendencies that keep you ensnared in a never ending conflict.

A CATCH 22? Does Any Really Have to Exist?

Who would be an umpire when you get abused? No matter what you do it always seems to be a Catch 22. You’re dammed by one group for one decision and dammed by the other group for the opposite decision and dammed by everyone, spectators and players alike, if you make no decisions. This competition speech, given at a Rostrum club, looks at three groups in the community who often find themselves in “Catch 22” situations, umpires, teachers and parents. The speaker discusses how best these people can avoid being caught in those situations. This was a competition speech.

Something to Smile About

If you woke this morning, and I’m sure you did, then you have something to smile about for the Good Lord has given you yet another day on this Earth. That’s just the start of events in our lives that we can smile about. This speech was presented in a Rostrum Club’s Novice Speaker of the Year competition by our author. It is a motivational speech which shows we all have much to be thankful for in this world.

Climbing the Mountain to Our Own Greatness

We all have a dream, a hope, a wish to achieve and excel at something in our lives. But many of us seldom realise our dreams due to several factors such as our mindset, our attitude and our self-limiting beliefs. However the only way we grow and evolve is to step out of our comfort zones and stretch ourselves into new areas we have not been in before.

A Letter To Myself 10 Years Ago

You are full of life and full of vigor. You seek justice in all situations. You care about things being ‘right’ because you are a very, very moral person. Or as your future boss, John in a few years will say, “Full of Piss and Vinegar”And he’s right. You never lose that passion, and people love you for it. Although you’re not so much out to the world anymore. You’re out to love it.

To Travel Hopefully

This is a story about Eddie, a guy whose philosophy in life could be summed up in the words “To travel hopefully”. Eddie looked and sounded like the typical Used Car Salesman, well dressed in a dark double breasted suit with highly polished patent leather shoes, with an ever present smile. He had the gift of the gab. This speech discusses how Eddie motivated his charges to get a positive attitude to life. It includes two stories Eddie used to inspire his audience, one about Victor Frankl, a Jewish hero from World War Two and a young American teenager called Patti who overcame her epilepsy to become the long distance running record holder for women.

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