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Some Motivational Thoughts For You

We are all guilty of putting our lives and goals on hold when something less important catches our attention. Sometimes we also lack the energy to do what we actually need to be doing, or put off getting started on a difficult task. Even highly motivated people have times when they just can’t get going with something.

The Best Ways to Get the Most Out of Life

Many different factors all contribute to our quality of life. Work, relationships, health, fun, and how we feel about those areas and balance their demands all enable us to get the most out of the different areas of our lives. Let us look at those areas in a little more detail.

Intrinsic Motivation – A Motivation for Real Fulfillment

What is intrinsic motivation? It means motivation that originates from inside a person rather than coming from any outside or external rewards, which include cash or grades. The drive comes from the satisfaction one obtains from the particular task alone or through the sense of fulfillment in completing as well as doing an activity.

Why Extrinsic Motivation Is Necessary

What is extrinsic Motivation? Extrinsic motivation is the term for motivation that emanates from outside your own. The inspiring factors are outside, or external, rewards like cash or grades.

How to Frame Self-Theories for Improved Motivation

There are two top theories of abilities that people hold. People who have embraced an entity theory hold that abilities are fixed. This belief creates a mindset that is limiting to the individual. Others have internalized an incremental theory of ability and believe that abilities can be developed throughout life and through effort and learning people can become smarter and more talented.

How to Manage Conflict, Negotiations and Self-Conscious Emotions

My intentions with this article are to give a brief overview of managing conflict and negotiations in an occupational environment. There are several different types of conflict that can occur in an organization and the many ways these conflicts can be resolved. In a functional conflict, which is a confrontation between groups that eventually benefits the organization’s performance as a whole; you see that this is the ideal type of conflict. With this type of conflict, change is the key to its success. Without it, the organization who come to a standstill with potential problems not being address and there being potential for even bigger problems.

How of Make Motivation, Emotions, and Identity Come to Life

People are truly intrigued with a child’s exploration of the environment around them. Adults can sit and watch children play for hours. It is as if they were watching an episode of their favorite television show. A child’s playtime often serves as a time of reflection for adults. It is during these instances that individuals take a moment and reminisce on their own childhood experiences while configuring how they arrived at the present point in their life. Following is a discussion of motivation, emotions, identity and how these elements can transform you.

How to Increase Goal Setting and Motivation With the Concept of Flow

Many aspects between goal setting, motivation, and flow are very simple in their basic principle. Many different factors effect motivation from the economic perspectives of a child’s environment and how that child’s parents may raise them, to a child or young adult’s relationship with their parents and how that effects motivation, there is peer motivation, teacher motivation, etc. Goal setting is a motivation in itself.

Take Personal Responsibility For Your Future

It’s time for inspirational leadership. Don’t wait for others to take care of you… and don’t wait to see if the changes will just pass you by. To prepare, think about undetaking these three bold actions.

Turning Dreams to Reality: Take Charge of Your Life First

If you are in business, you are often told to set your goals first. It is the same with your life. If you want to achieve something, if you have a dream to make it big in life, you have to go about it methodically; set goals first, work with persistent determination, reward yourself on achieving milestones and move towards achieving the next goal.

Praising Never Hurt Anyone – It Even Helps!

Praising is a balm for the soul. The only thing is you must believing in praising and start doing it. You will reap the rewards of doing so.

The Penchant for Productiveness

Far too many people are swallowed whole in the rat-race. Turn that around! Why shouldn’t we just enjoy working our butts off, reaping every spiritual blessing as we reflect over our ‘power’ moments just gone?

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