Tom Bilyeu’s Rules For Getting The Most Out of Your Day | Impact Theory Q&A

Be Awake And Let Your Dreams Come True

Nobody will make your dreams come true for you! Please wake up and be responsible for yourself and your dreams. Few tips here that might help.

Small Errors Compounded Over Time, Destroys Your Potential

The wonder of choosing to apply a few success orientated new disciplines into your life, is that the positive results will be seen within a reasonable length of time. As long as you stay focused on the instant gratification in the moment and you never look at the potential rewards, which will flow to you in your future, with the application of a few small daily disciplines. You will remain trapped in a life of mediocrity. The rewards of these few small subtle positive changes are worth it.

It’s Time to Shine Your Light

It’s time to shine your light. Sort out what is of value and what isn’t in your life. Step up and let it shine.

The Time To Act on Any Suitable Opportunity Is Now

Great intentions are too often killed through a lack of meaningful action, which is taken while the idea is fresh and the inspiration high. Unless you translate your great intentions into action very soon, the urgency diminishes and your passion dies.

Someday I’ll Be Great But Today I Haven’t Done Anything Yet – He Said

Not long ago, I was talking with a university college student about all the great things he’d accomplished, but then he explained that he was still waiting, learning, gathering knowledge, and then when he was ready he’d decide what to do, and he’d be good at it because by then he’d have a degree, skills, and thus, a shoe-in for success in any endeavor he choose. But, I ask is this really the probable outcome, or some sort of wishful thinking fantasy. Let’s talk.

Forget Resolutions! Try Re-Solutions!

There does seem to be something in the human spirit that needs to recognize the letting go of the past and the promise of the future. Many of the customs of New Year festivals note the passing of time with both regret and anticipation. The baby as a symbol of the New Year dates to the ancient Greeks, with an old man representing the year that has passed.

Stop Planning – Start Doing

Every time you think you aren’t ready ask yourself this: when will you ever be? The time to act is now.

How to Motivate Yourself – Best 3 Tips for Getting Motivated

This article is about getting motivated for doing various things that you usually don’t like to do. It reveals tips that will get you fired up so you can do anything. After reading you have to implement those steps and the results will be visible. Motivation is the key to success so get motivated quickly.

You Determine Your Mood And Behavior

Although many of us try to blame others or circumstances for nearly everything or anything that might go wrong, motivated people understand that how we see things and thus react to them are predominantly a factor of our mindset. Our moods and our behavior are invariably determined by us.

It’s Not Complicated!

The Internet is so intriguing. It’s like the Wild West. So few rules and boundaries. The unimaginable is now real. Anybody with a lap top computer or even a smart phone can turn their thoughts and opinions into a video and launch it to the world in an instant. Sounds so easy, so why isn’t everybody all over it? Well what seems so easy is a lot harder to engage for the majority because when they see the sizzle they freeze. Remember when computers and the Internet were a scary place for anybody not born into it?

Never Get Bored

Dearest Darling Readers, Life is boring when I want to be inactive and am silently screaming for attention. Life is interesting when I actively pursue something with an open mind, giving it my undivided attention. Have you heard these words from people, ‘I am getting sooooooo bored…’

Importance of Rebounding From the Worst Situation

Is loving your dream job enough to keep you fire up all the time? Even when you are “fried” left right centre by your boss or all ideas got thrown out of the window with no mercy? Would passion be able to hold you back to continue serving the job of your love?

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