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Learned Happiness – Training Yourself How to Be Happy

There is no room for laziness in this picture or even remotely a suggestion of its presence should you desire the path to learn how to be essentially free. It is freedom we choose primarily not happiness per se, because true freedom embraces life without ever doing anything but enveloping everything. You do not have to do anything about research if you are living in this world because we all witness examples daily and continually of people lost in the rigors of surviving. Spoil yourself with excellent treatment like good food, no garbage or junk food, restrict alcohol, and aim to exercise at least a few times per week. Allow your smile to shine whenever you meet others

Act Like a Baby!

My son is learning to crawl, up on all fours and rocks, or pulls himself along with his arms. He gets so mad!!

How to Do Something That’s Good for You, Even When You Are Dragging Your Feet

Consistency is a huge key to success. When you show up, things happen, even when it doesn’t seem like it at first.

8 Life Changing Statements on the Difference One Factor Makes in Personal Transformation

When the issue of how one can begin to change and become what they have always aspired to be there are always more questions than answers. By now you have made a lot of mistakes; trial and error has not given you the results you wanted. You desire to make a quantum leap and grow in leaps and bounds, but it is my belief that all you need to do is to deal with the factors that constitute what you cal, l “life”. In terms of your next step to your progress, you need to ask yourself, what the one thing you need to is. I am confident that your journey to success begins with only one step. I share eight life changing factors which will change your destiny if taken to heart.

Overcome Jealousy – 8 Things You Can Do to Survive Someone Else’s Success

How do you feel when someone is given the “nod” ahead of you. You may be just as good or even better and your colleague is appointed to head the department or captain the team. It might even be a financial breakthrough or a life changing event that puts your friend in a better position than you. I share some things that will help you to handle the success of others.

Motivate Yourself to Motivation

Before you can even begin to motivate yourself you have to have a reason. Then beyond that reason there has to be a will, then beyond that will you have to believe in yourself. So really to accomplish all of this you have to become a motivator. In other words you need to push yourself into the first step.

Steps That You Can Take to Improve Your Memory

Most people are fortunate enough to be blessed with a good memory. In spite of this, there are times when we forget things such as our house or business keys, peoples names, and other essential items that we need. It is perfectly normal to occasionally forget something, but when it starts to happen on a regular basis, then it tends to make us stop and wonder if something is wrong with us.

8 Statements of Courage and Confidence

Are you courageous enough to attain that goal that you set? Do you have the confidence to go after it? If you can make up your mind, muster all your strength and be charged up internally with determination and go after that specific, measurable, attainable, seemingly unrealistic, time – bound goal, you will get it with the help of GOD. I say this because many people leave to chance and are too timid to transform. They suffer from cowardice, therefore they cannot confront with confidence that thing which has dogged their lives and guaranteed them defeat in every venture. I have made it my life – pursuit to tell you that you can;to never allow any man or woman to tell you that you cannot do it. I lay down and share eight quotes which you can use to encourage yourself every time you think the task is too great.

I Want Six Pack Abs

You can ‘t just wish to have six pack abs, you need to repeat the mantra ‘I want six pack abs’ over and over until you can’t stand doing nothing about it. It is when you reach this point you will take a course of action that may or may not lead to six pack abs, but will certainly get you on your way to obtaining them.

Motivation: Challenging the Status Quo

There are seasons in life. Sometimes, we see the emergence of new trends and then the going under of the very old things of life. Being dynamic is what the world is all about-ever changing and this brings one to the idea of some places that never ever seem like they want to change with the ever changing times.

Be Unreasonable

If you’re an entrepreneur and you intend to be a success at it, it’s time to let go of your desire to please everyone else but yourself. Figure out what you want….what YOU want. Then go rock the boat!

Motivation: Failure Breeds Success

In life, there is a mechanism that we all know as failure. We have it all in our own subconscious that failure is just that same thing that everyone avoids. Yes, making very low grades could keep a child from moving up in life.

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