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Unleashing the Tremendous Power of Motivation

Motivation possesses tremendous power to propel you to never before attained heights of productivity, creativity and excellence. Learn how to tap into this immense power and revolutionize your world.

Motivation Tricks – What is on Your List of “100 Things to Do Before You Die”?

Have you created your very own list of 100 things you would like to do before you die? This will encourage you to create and use this list to help drive your motivation.

Motivation For the Down Times in Our Marriages Part Two

It is the nature of every system to fail at one point or the other (resiliency only exist in theory). Marriage is one of such systems that can fail at anytime. While systems Engineers take care of systems downtime, Motivation is all that is needed to take care of marriage downtime.

To Change Or Not to Change

When you enter into change, you must believe it will produce the desired results, or why change? What got you to where you are today probably isn’t going to take you to where you want to be without some degree of change. Don’t be afraid to change just because you don’t know how the change will affect things. Explore what might be. Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

The Art of Motivation – How a Blind Artist Teaches Others to Practice a New Philosophy

When I first met Keith Salmon I was struck by his gentleness and simplicity. As I got to know him more I became inspired by his inner strength and his continuing desire to create and work towards conquering new goals. Keith became blind through diabetes – however, he did not let that stop him following the career that he had chosen, learned and practiced as a youth – of becoming an artist. Through his path of self-development he has never let his deteriorating sight stop him from realizing his dream of creating art, and today he shares how he dealt with his condition with others and teaches them to overcome their difficulties and to keep working towards their dreams.

How to Get More Self Motivation – Hypnotherapy For More Motivation

What many of us wouldn’t do for more self motivation! So many activities seem so desirable to us objectively, yet so difficult to begin in the here-and-now. At the same time, so many other activities activities objectively seem like wastes of our time, or even actively harmful to us–yet are so tempting to begin in the here-and-now.

Life is Change (Stagnation Equals Death)

The “pursuit of happiness” is an exercise in chasing your tail. Midlife teaches you that happiness is what you experience in pursuit of your destiny.

Motivation For Increased Productivity

In all efforts toward success, motivation plays a crucial part. However, this is a very vague concept that it easily gets lost in the equation. So, what is motivation?

It is the Thought That Matters

It is the thought that matters? To be more precise, it is rather the after-action that arises from your thought that really does matter. It is through true action and not thoughts that is going to bring about the actual happening of things; to making a difference in life.

Finding Stability in Unstable Times – What is YOUR Random Act of Kindness?

Recently the financial stability of the US seems to have shifted. Talks of a recession have changed to talks of a depression. The financial institutions in the US are failing and being bailed out by our government. However, our sense of stability does not need to come from the nightly news; it can come from our security in the knowledge that our financial situation is just one area of our life. We are whole people with relationships that ground us.

Learn by the Way of Life

Well you see, to be able to efficiently learn and master a new knowledge or skill, you have to first be willing to let go and abandon any hindering thoughts or ideas, which you might have. You should not allow any past knowledge and experiences to reject the intake of new information and ideas. Instead, you should graciously welcome them and embrace the learning of every new skill. As to whether you are going to apply them, that would come later.

Why We Hurt Each Other

Nine people out of ten, when asked, will say that they would rather help a person in need than stand in the way of someone else’s dreams. However, nine people out of ten people have difficulty achieving their goals due to the actions of other people.

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