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Take Control of Your Life Today – Two Steps to Getting Back in Life’s Saddle

Do you feel depressed, discouraged, dependent on others to make your life decisions? Do you feel that you lack control over yourself or your life? Are you worried that life has sidetracked you, and that you will never fulfill your dreams? If your answr to any of these questions is yes, then read on…

Motivation Keys – 7 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

There are times when we don’t feel motivated to meet our objectives and hit our goals. Here is an article that shows you 7 simple ways to motivate yourself.

Inclination of Thoughts – Part One

It is the first segment of a longer essay dealing with morality and ethics in common parlance and from worldly and biblical perspective alike. It helps understand the origin of our thoughts and the inclinations behind them.

To Affect Real Change in Your Life You Need to Work With Energy at Its Source

Words and thoughts are the realm of the ego — just thinking and talking your way through life won’t get you what you want. To affect real change, the kind of change that lasts, you need to work with energy at its source. You can feel inspired take charge and make a difference in your life when you do.

The Word of Your Life – Your Human Identity

From the moment we are born we start a process of communication between ourselves and those around us. Inherent in all of us is a need for attention and to impress others. How well we do it determines our rewards in life. For this reason it is vital that we develop the image we would like to project to the world.

A Class by Itself

When we talk of computer, normally we think of a PC or laptop. There is another variant of computer which is called a server. (Heard of a mail server, FTP server or domain name server?

Tools That I Use to Increase Productivity

Running an online business can feel like an uphill struggle sometimes, but luckily there’s several thing to make it easier. Since most of my time is spent at home on my computer, I like to have my machine set up so that I can work as fluidly and as quickly as possible, whilst retaining a high standard of work.

How to Get Excited About Boring Tasks

Everyone has a number of boring tasks in their life that they hate doing, and everyone wishes that either they didn’t have to do them, or that they enjoyed doing them. Unfortunately I can’t teach you how to make these kinds of jobs disappear, but I can teach you to enjoy them – at least a little bit, and make them less unbearable then they have been.

Number 1 Reason Why Most People Confuse Activity With Achievement Per Discovery Series by Life Path

The main reason that people confuse activity with achievement is because of the way they handle their emotions. Impatience and frustration will only delay you in getting the results that you desire. Emotions are the main deterrent to achieving success in your life. Emotions may cause to respond in a way that you did not expect and inadvertently sabotage your success.

Heat Seeker Motivation Skills

Guess what? Your are a heat seeking rocket and its awesome, discover how.

Demotivate Yourself Now – Five Easy Ways

Is This Some Kind of a Joke? I like easy. We’re going to follow the path of least resistance and attack motivation from the back door as we explore five easy ways to demotivate yourself. Many people, if not most, have no problem bemoaning the things they can’t do and the things they don’t want. Law of Attraction calls this contrast. It’s the main reason why so many lives are derailed.

How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination – Get Moving to Your Goals

Recently I checked into Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to remind myself of some of his more important messages. Dr. Covey helps us to categorize our many daily tasks into those that are urgent, important, urgently important and so on. The problem with this and other incredibly helpful self help messages is a small thing called procrastination. I am always trying to help my counseling clients find the source of their destructive behavior so that they can move beyond it. Psychologist debate the source of procrastination but much of it appears to be rooted in fear and early learning related to how an individual has learned to meet many of their basic core needs.

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