Motivating Your People

People ask me: how best do you motivate staff? In short, what tips can you offer? This is great because in a way it’s an acknowledgement that motivation is really critically important even when leaders don’t always want to pay attention to it, or invest in it. What, then, are the best management tips for motivating others? Here are a few pointers – but first bear in mind that you want everybody in your organisation to be motivated because if they are, then a process of osmosis sets in, and everyone around feels it, wants it, and then credibility sets in and high energy is the order of the day.These then are my ten top tips then to use on a minute by minute basis!

How To Achieve The Impossible And Change Your Life Forever

Now, this might sound like a rather extravagant claim. To be more accurate, a completely extravagant claim, but I promise that at the very least this will be useful information… and at best it will help you change your life and achieve the impossible.

You Are The Best And Nothing Less

In case you think you are less, my business today is to convince you that you can be the best. You are a lot better than anyone has ever let you believe including yourself. I love to share with you four powerful tips out of more than a million tips that can help you achieve your personal best.Your responsibility to yourself is to do something wonderful with your life and make a positive difference in our world.

Passion In Life

The bible speaks of the Patriarchs who died in faith still pursuing with passion the promise of a better home that was handed down to them. The possibility of winning often times rest upon the zeal in performance. Passion in life breeds the spirit of determination, becomes the driving force to your success and will find a way of execution.

How Can I Get Motivated and Reach My Goals?

Why do you fail in reaching your goals? Here’s the answer to the question: how can I get motivated and reach any goal I set? The secret is: ask yourself a couple of questions before you start on your goal.

Finding Space for Your Passions

Life is in our passions and when we’re allowed time to attend to the routines of our passions life becomes abundant. If we can only have sufficient abundance – by way of regularity of our passionate routines – then joy becomes us, and we find resilience is available for boredom, discomfort and even pain and the passage there is tolerable.

Rev Up Your Motivation

You’ve been diligently forging ahead on creating a successful business: building relationships, developing products and services, and writing marketing copy. Or maybe you’re charged up about your career: engaging in meaningful conversations, meeting deadlines, and demonstrating your strengths to others. Then it hits you – burn out.

5 Ways We Can Help Our Teams Think Smarter

What if we could create a culture of smart thinking with our teams? We all want athletes who love our sport and who are students of the game. I think we can encourage smart thinking and increase the passion our athletes have for our sport all at the same time.

8 Ways To Stop Procrastination

When I recall some conversation I had with my friends and clients, procrastination seems to be  a common enemy to many. When face with this enemy, some knew what to do but didn’t do anything, some felt inadequate therefore didn’t do anything as well.

We Limit Ourselves

There are no limitations. We as humans have to ability to accomplish what sometime may seem like the impossible. We wanted to fly like birds, it got done. We wanted to talk to each other miles apart, it got done.

3 Ways To Conquer Procrastination

Ah, spring time. People feel motivated to get out and get things done. But not you. You are a procrastinator and to you spring means more chores to add to your to-do list. You’d rather put things off until tomorrow.

Distraction – The Hindrance To Progress

Living life without focus and commitment is like trying to fly without wings. If your purpose is sure and your direction is certain, then you can dictate distractions. The scripture says, “… and that ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction” (1 Corinthians 7:35, KJV). Progress is greatly hindered by the things or people that surround us. How do we then handle distractions to avert its debilitating impact upon our goals, vision or purpose? Let’s explore the possible strategies and attitude that could help ameliorate this obstacle.

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