Use These HACKS to UPGRADE Your Mindset

Motivation Through Challenge

Challenging yourself is the best form of motivation. This article points out the natural instincts associated with challenge, which lead to development of self-motivation skills. These have applicability to all human beings, irrespective of their circumstances and other situations in life.

You Wanna Move to Another Country Right? (I Did) You Wanna Go Somewhere Better?

Well it might not be what you want! If you arrive and find yourself in unhappy circumstances then my advice is: If either spouse(or teen) is unhappy, do something to accommodate them, send them home for long holidays (once or twice a year) – no matter what it costs.. give them something to live for…. DO things like week long holidays. Get yourselves out of the home where you can recharge.. spend the cash!!! It’s way cheaper than having to relocate country every couple of years…

How to Get Motivated – 4 Tips to Get You Going

Do you have an idol? Is there someone that you really look up to? Most if not all people have somebody they look up to. And if you look at the profiles of the people that you and other people idolize, you will find out that they are all successful people. They are people who have achieved much in life…

Perfect Or Excellent – What’s the Difference?

Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing. This article will teach you the difference between perfectionism and excellence and why one works better than the other not only for stress management, but for ultimate happiness in business and at home.

How to Boost Your Confidence and Overcome an Impossible Task

Confidence is self-assurance, self-belief, certainty, belief, faith, trust. State of mind is your mental state, your inner health, your feelings, mood. So when you change your state of mind you will boost your confidence and when you boost your confidence you change your state of mind. The two go hand-in-hand.

Failure is Your Best Teacher, But Why All the Extra Homework?

You have to succeed at failing before you can succeed at succeeding. Motivating yourself is test #1. We all fail at it at first.

How to Beat Deadlines

This may not take longer than you think, keep in mind that you would dedicate a certain timetable to your work. Make a check list and assign a deadline. Choose a topic, research your topic, and then write it.

Focusing on How to Overcome Obstacles

No matter how big your dream is, with hard work, perseverance and focus, anything is possible. But first you have to believe in it with all your heart. More than anyone else, you have to be convinced that your dream is for you. You have to be passionate about it. You have to be focused.

How to Overcome Obstacles With All Your Strength

The world is filled with many skilled, smart and talented people. Some may be more competitive, more intelligent and may be more talented that you are. And it is indeed a world of survival of the fittest, where you can easily be eaten and trampled on by a shark infested and cutthroat business.

Pursuing Your Dreams – How to Overcome Obstacles

With the billions of people in the world and the vastness of the universe, it is easy to recognize how small a part you are of this huge equation. It is humbling. But it does not make you any less of a being. You yourself set your limits.

How to Get Motivated – Find Out Now

Everybody experiences failures. Some fail in really important things in life like in marriage or in business. Others fail in small things like learning how to play basketball or developing basic sewing skills using sewing machines.

How to Get Motivated – Tap it From Within You

Motivation is one of the words that this generation has given too much attention to. In the past, it is not something that people talk about. There weren’t motivational coaches or books available.

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