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Don’t Stop, Finish What You Started

This article is intended for all people, even to those who already have succeeded. There is an attitude which we all possess that is destructive in nature. We are “good starters, poor finishers.” Try analyzing yourself from the past years, have you started doing or pursuing a certain dream or goal which you did not achieve because you stopped?

Motivation Keys – The Importance of Focus

Motivation can be strengthened with the proper focus. By that I mean your motivation levels are determined the thoughts that you place your attention on. Here are three reasons for maintaining the correct focus in order to posses high levels of motivation.

Monday Motivation

If you’re feeling lethargic, you will have a tough time getting anything done. But can you really motivate yourself? Is it possible to purposely move yourself out of lethargy to a state of inspiration?

Uncovering Your Dreams

When you uncover what you love to do and recognize your inherent skills, you’ll realize that there are opportunities to follow your dream all around you. While I don’t claim to be an expert on religion, as I look back over the years, and examine the development of events. I am convinced that it was Divine Intervention that caused both Martin Luther King and Barack Obama to pursue their life’s purpose with such dedication and vigor.

Do You Want to Be Motivated Every Day?

The world is full of people searching for the secret; the secret to fulfilling their dreams. Strangely, they just expect it to happen and are somewhat surprised when it doesn’t happen for them.

The Motivational You

We need to get a kick out of life. Yet research suggests that we’re stressed, unhappy at work, worried about money and frustrated in our apparent inability to achieve our goals and dreams. We need to motivate ourselves – but does that mean one part of me needs to motivate another part of me? The evidence suggests that that is the case – your real potential is being held back by your perceived personality – it’s a battle the real you must win.

Keep Your Focus on Your Business and Passions, Even If Your Day Or Life is CRAZY!

Many times you’ll find yourself steering off the road of success and into distractions and sideshows that can take you away from your goals. Building a home based network marketing business to support the life you want will take some effort, but you can do it with these tips.

How to Deal With a Bad Day

You all recognize those days when right from the beginning “everything “seems to go horribly wrong. Worse even, sometimes, when we still lie in our beds and take the new day in, when we start thinking about what lies ahead and how much of it is potentially unpleasant, we have written our day off before it has even started! Did you find yourself in this? The question remains, what is the best and the easiest way out of the conundrum? Try to look at every circumstance of a “bad” day as a gift.

The How-To of Motivation

Most people have definite views-call them theories, if you like-about what motivates others. Whether you’re the lounge-chair sports expert or the company CEO, most of the views held have some merit. Converting those theories into practice, however, hasn’t met with the same degree of success. This article identifies ten key principles that will help to change theories into practices.

Motivation Made For the Masses

Okay, so let’s say you want to get motivated, or better yet, let’s say you are motivated just fine, maybe need a little brush up now and again, but you’d really like to motivate someone you deeply care about who perhaps has lost their zest for life, or needs a little umph put back into their endeavors? Well, you should know that “Think and Grow Rich” is a Classic! Indeed, it has probably motivated more people than any other self-help book in the US, except maybe the religious text called the Bible for those who are Christians.

The Key That Will Unlock Any Door – A Burning Desire

Sometimes, a single remark will change our entire life. I was with a very successful friend and during our conversation he casually said, “If you’re not financially secure in less than ten years, it’s because you’re lazy, stupid or both.” The rest of our meeting is lost in a blur but those words really stuck home.

Expand Your Thinking and Expand Your Opportunities!

In order to experience more in life, we have to enlarge our thinking. If thinking small thoughts produces small results, then the same principle applies to thinking big thoughts. What kind of thoughts fill your mind every day? If your mindset focuses on sickness, lack, barely getting by and mediocrity, that is precisely what your life will produce.

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