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Motivation and Success – The Recipe – Part 1

You need to understand motivation, how it works, and all the components that are involved. If you do not understand motivation and how it works, you will not be able to use it as a tool to achieve success in your life. Your ability to stay motivated and move forward toward your goals will determine whether you reach them or not. There are many more benefits that motivation brings besides financial success or monetary awards.

When I Grow Up

If you too, like me, have waited to grow up to lead your life, I have a message for you, now you’ve grown up! What else are you waiting for? That time to fulfill all your childhood promises and dreams is here.

Don’t Let It Get To You

How can you build your resilience, so that life’s little upsets don’t become big and gloomy, and so that you don’t “waste” emotional time? Here are some ideas you can try, all of which have helped my coaching clients from time to time. The governing principle is that you want to strive to be more of a take-charge “Entrepreneur” type, who takes personal responsibility for keeping a positive attitude, and less of a “Victim” type, who drifts along and allows life to just “happen to him.”

Check Your Transition at the Door

The word “transition” needs to transition out of our vocabulary. It has officially joined the ranks of many other once useful and descriptive words, such as “motivated,” “team-player,” and “awesome,” which have become so overused that they have completely lost their definitional meaning. You are in so much more control at this moment than you are telling yourself. It is all a mindset! Here are 3 ways to go from “I am in transition” to “I am thriving!”

That Is Why We Should Not Listen To Others

How many times have you talked about an idea or something you thought you wanted to do and other people have shot you down? You are all excited about something and tell a loved one…a spouse, a parent or a close friend and they don’t support you. Sometimes you quickly forget about it and agree with them that maybe you aren’t able to do this.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking – Necessary For Your Empire?

10 years ago you couldn’t even put me in-front of 15 friends to speak, I’d nearly piss my pants. Then, 7 years ago I was an “Independent Financial Advisor” (aka working for myself) and my mentor in the company pushed me in front of 3,000+ people on stage to talk (I had no idea it was coming). It may have been the worst 15 minutes of my life.

Motivation Not Required – How Waiting For Motivation Keeps You Stuck

Waiting for motivation can be a losing game. If you want to get moving, you may need to make another choice. Here’s how to help yourself.

Life Abuse

Human right abuse, child abuse and drug abuse are common forms of abuse that have generated series of protests, condemnations, campaigns from people of different race, culture, religion, sex, etc. Ironically, nobody has ever tried to protest or condemn a more deadly and dangerous form of abuse…life abuse.

The Greatest Discovery

The greatest discovery any one can make is self discovery. The most beneficial discovery is for a man or a woman to discover himself or herself. Have you discovered yourself?

What Is Holding You Back From Following Your Dreams and 3 Steps to Fix It

Do you have a dream that you have always wanted to pursue but you just haven’t been able to get yourself to fully commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve it? I’m sure you have wondered what has been holding you back from pursuing this dream that you feel could bring you such joy and satisfaction in your life. In this article, I’ll tell you what the problem really is and show you what you can do to change it in three simple steps.

Getting Motivated Was a Problem For Me Too, Till I Learnt This Secret!

When I think of the words, getting motivated, I always remember a significant event in my life. This event and the words revealed made all the difference. Getting motivated forever-after was not something I waited for. It was a little step that I took.

The Importance of Praise and Appreciation

Being praised for what we do and feeling appreciated can make all the difference to our levels of effort and motivation. Both children and adults thrive on being valued and receiving recognition for their efforts and good behaviour. It really improves everyone’s quality of life.

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