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Creating Your Kingdom

Our history is marked with stories forever immortalizing great kings, soldiers, champions and powerful thinkers. These magnificent people who have reshaped us as a species. Our potential is constantly leaping forward at exponential speed and distance. We have this incredible historical groundwork and genetically gifted abilities that will propel our potential beyond the greatness of old.

The Reality of Punctuality

Your mindset begins at an early age and is shaped by your environment. Look at the way you dress. You probably dress similar to your friends when you go out after work or on the weekend, but you are influenced by advertisements, television, the internet, celebrity photos, your friends, family and the movies. You want to be stylish and in being stylish, being practical usually takes a back seat to fashion. Do women really want to walk on hard floors and concrete on 3 inch heels?

Five Critical Reasons + 1, To Take Action, Whether You’re Ready Or Not

By far the biggest hindrance to your success will be inaction. We can come up with all sorts of excuses for not pulling the trigger. It doesn’t matter what comes out of our mouth.

When Opportunity Knocks Open The Door

We are given many opportunities for achievement and enrichment of our lives. Unfortunately, many people don’t notice these opportunities or they simply ignore them. If we open our eyes to opportunities and make the most of them, who knows what we can accomplish.

How to Survive Change and Thrive in Chaotic Times

These are unpredictable times, as they have been for about 20 years. Whether you work for a public or corporate organization, or you run your own business, you must be prepared to meet each day’s challenges, with the tenacity used by jungle animals to not only survive but thrive to reproduce and perpetuate their kind. Learning to act and change fast is a must. In the past I have used the well known analogy that partly states that, “…it does matter whether you are a lion or gazelle, when the sun is up you better be running.” But what you might not know are other intrinsic and unpublicized skills and strategies animals in African jungles use to live that 100% applies to anyone with a job and expects a thriving future. Here are a few pointers.

The Ultimate TOP 20 Power-Motivational Quotes to KEEP You Strong, Confident, and Help You Do Life!

Are there quotes and sayings that serve to mentally strengthen, inspire, motivate, and emotionally fuel you toward decided personal increase? ABSOLUTELY! And this article gives you 20 top Mega-Life power packed quotes, sayings and ideals which will not only help you “keep on going” – they’ll help you keep on going stronger, more confident, and more continually resolved to triumph…yes, with the attitude and commitment level that WILL ultimately prevail (really!). Enjoy, and be richly empowered by them all!

Who Are You?

Have you ever taken time out of your hectic day to sit quietly for a moment and ask yourself who am I? Do you like the person you have become? Do you still have dreams to accomplish? Are you still trying to figure out who you want to be?

Winning Through Giving – Give Intelligently to Create a Better Business, Family and Marriage

Many people say that we should give freely to others. However, giving freely can cause great problems in some situations. For example, many parents give freely to their kids and don’t require them to give back. These kids tend to become spoiled, dependent, difficult to handle, and have a lesser chance to succeed in life. We need to focus on giving intelligently. Then we can give freely. Here are 5 tips to help us give intelligently.

Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan – Examples of Need

In our society we have so much information and so many goods and services and so many options that we don’t know how to relate it all together well. The most important things get lost; the best things in life are buried in a pile of other things and we don’t know how to sort them out. We are like a compass in an area surrounded by magnetic fields. Where is north? What is true north?

Discovering Your Personal Power – An Indian Perspective

Know and understand your personal power! Indian people know there are two powers – one in the North and one in the South of the Medicine Wheel. When you make the effort to truly understand them, they will bring many gifts and help you realize the potential you hold. Seek their nature and they are like weapons (spiritually speaking) wielded by the warrior.

Procrastination – Overcome It In 3 Simple Steps!

Procrastination can destroy our livelihoods and dreams. Imagine what you can accomplish if you can free your self from this malady. This article explains how you can achieve this using three simple steps.

Is The World Treating You Fairly?

What can one say about himself/herself about the change they see in themselves, what picture do you see in the world, is the environment fair or harsh ,are the people treating you fairly or they are not appreciative of the contribution your are making, do you see that everybody is against and you have to stand to proof or defend yourself or you feel like taking your life and leave the world for those people, we are very sorry about it and let us see who is responsible for what you are seeing currently, the fact is you create you …

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