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The Secretarial Type – Discover What Your Calling In Life Is Part 2

What is your calling? Look over your life as you were growing up and you will discover that there were things that you have experienced that have catapulted you into what you are doing right now. If you are doing something that you really feel that is wrong for you, then it probably is. Recall you experiences and it will become very clear to you what you are suppose to be doing and you will excel beyond your wildest dreams.

Classroom Management

In the work of a teacher, perhaps one of the most important aspects of the job involves motivating students to learn. A belief summary of the importance of classroom management and goals that will ensure a genuine and effective learning environment.

Transform Your Life Now! Intervention, Change, & Transformation

Change doesn’t have to wait any longer! Life purpose coach Paul Davis says you can experience an intervention and transformation now! The author of Breakthrough for a Broken Heart, Davis engineers breakthroughs for people of all walks of life empowering them to transcend limitations and boldly live their dreams.

The Cost of Your Retirement Just Went Down

So, this is the good news, bad news. Deal with it or fix it. You get to choose! A report just came out from The Associated Press stating that although we are living longer, there are 41 other countries that are living longer than we are! If we are supposedly this great country that everyone is dying to get into, why are we so low in the rankings?

Give It A Rest – Strategies To Motivate And Inspire Your Great Health In Body, Mind And Spirit

Picture when your body is all wound up past chocolate overload. Grab the feeling when you have turned into the Tasmanian Devil because of bottomless coffee or overdoing the Dew. You know the feeling you’re all revved up. You start talking fast and moving fast and can’t seem to calm down. Your body screams, “Give me a rest!”

Look Right – Strategies To Motivate And Inspire Your Great Health In Body, Mind And Spirit

On my walk the other night, I noticed a father and his son playing football. Well, actually it didn’t look anything like play or fun but more like drills and work. The son’s helmet was bigger than he was and he kept adjusting it so he could see straight. The father, who must have played Bruce Springsteen’s song “Glory Day’s” one too many times, kept trying to teach the peewee how to fake handoff left, roll right five steps and fake a pass to receiver 1, roll 3 more steps and fire a pass to receiver two, all who were not there because it was only the two of them.

Same Old, Same Old

Why do we keep doing the same things over and over, even when they don’t work? Find out why and how to get yourself out of that “same old, same old” rut.

Getting Out of Your Funk

What do you do when you are in a funk and can’t get out? That happened to me yesterday.

Nothing Works Until You Do

People everywhere are looking for a magic “secret” to finding success and profit with their online business. The real secret to success is to get started now and consistently work on your business for several hours a day, every day.

The Attack Of The Bulldozer

On a walk this winter in the “Frozen Tundra” of Green Bay, Wisconsin, I noticed a teenager sprinting by on the opposite sidewalk. It was an odd site and it caught my attention because she had a huge winter jacket on. Even in cold Green Bay, people don’t go running in parkas. Then I started laughing because I saw what she was running from. Up the block, a bulldozer as wide as the sidewalk was chasing her down. She had no option but to run.

Just Get It Over With Strategies To Motivate And Inspire Your Great Health In Body, Mind And Spirit

Are your pants too tight? Do you find yourself getting winded on a measly flight of stairs? Do you feel drained and tired? Are you disappointed in yourself and worried about looming health risks?

Key Lessons Taken Away From Anthony Robbins’ UPW Seminar

Three and a half months ago I attended Anthony Robbins’ Unleash Power Within (UPW) seminar in London. As being passionate about self-growth and helping others I would like to take time and share my experience after the seminar that will hopefully be somewhat inspiring to you.

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